FASTEST PASS EVER, Lambo Smashes Wall, 4X Champ & MORE! (TX2K23 Day 2)

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TX2K Day 2 was an undeniable success, although throughout the day we had a couple rain delays, the energy in the air was high. Top tier cars running their top speeds and competing for the title of the baddest roll racing car on the property. As well as the some of the first rounds of drag racing. Stay tuned for more action from Houston Raceway and TX2K 2023!

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TX2K Day 1:
TX2K Day 2:

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30 thoughts on “FASTEST PASS EVER, Lambo Smashes Wall, 4X Champ & MORE! (TX2K23 Day 2)

  1. That "no way. Kyle". I had the same reaction when I got to meet him lol. Been watching for so long. It's crazy that you forget that he's just a normal humble guy.

  2. Roll drag racing is somehow even worse than from a dig, which is already pretty terrible. This 'sport' is for low IQ heathens.

  3. I wonder if these T1 crew guys watch these videos back and see how much they make themselves look like absolute tools, the total opposite of humble in victory. I get the passion, but the carry on, what a bunch of flogs. The driver himself comes across humble as. Ahwell, I'm just a guy watching it from Australia. 😊

  4. These guys running these cars without HR seats are flirting with their lives… Insane that the rules are still so loose here.

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