Firing the K5’s Big Block On a Homemade Engine Stand! + Aiden Gets His First Truck!

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We fired the new 454 for the ’72 K5 Project on the engine, removed the old small block and Aiden gets his first truck!

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44 thoughts on “Firing the K5’s Big Block On a Homemade Engine Stand! + Aiden Gets His First Truck!

  1. Another killer video congratulations to aiden on the truck that’s something that him and Shawn can build and work on together like the chevelle that’s really cool that Shawn is family first a lot of people forget that great channel awesome builds keep up the good work

  2. 2:60 B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's —L—o—V—e—S—e—X—..❤️⤵️


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  3. my little brother could use that helmet I would clear coat it and use it I have raced all over I'm 40 my little brother is 21 and autistic he's honestly the best person I know or have ever met not just saying that because he's my brother he hasn't got to experience racing like I have I've been racing sin I was 6 mostly dirt track and Mexico the 2 years I drag raced 03 & 04 I was builder/crew chief for Owen spry in we dominated true street I a 85 🦊 body we won the focus frenzy points championship in muscle mustangs and fast ford series I'd like to give a huge shout out to our friend Emmett Rittenhouse AKA happy from @youtube turbo John he traded us his car he wreaked at the thaw out no prep Darlington SC for a place to hunt he's from Charlotte NC I'm in the mts of NC so it's a win win our whole goal is to put kids in the car and take them down the track every chance we get our goal is to put smiles on kids face and a memory they don't forget expecially kids with autism/disabilities I would buy a hoodie or shirt but I'm just now getting back to work been out since this plandemic BS started nc been shut down the whole time SMH plus I don't have the best luck my last race car was stolen I got dis hearted for a while but seeing the love my brother has for racing reminded me of when I was his age and lit a fire under my ass I gave my last race car to dude on good faith for a certain amount plus I was supposed to get drive it, he originally built the car it would have taken More than I paid for it to get it back or possibly just get $ no title dirt car our family dad brother and I love what y'all are doing stay safe and God bless

  4. My previous commitment was to see if they actually read their comments lol I know they do I've hot ❤️ before lol everyone stay safe God bless America God bless everyone & remember when tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty "Thomas Jefferson"

  5. If you plan on to keep using the engine stand to test an engine out before you drop it in to a vehicle than it would be pretty sweet and smart if you take two long pieces of square tube and weld some plates to the bottom like feet and drill a hole at the top of the square tube to bolt on a set of motor mounts then put the bolt through the motor mount that's on the block and get a set of exhaust to run off the headers with some universal flanges and stick a good sized screw driver or pry bar in the hole that you had the spark plug in you'll be in the money

  6. the 283 and the 302 the balancer is different and the 305,307,327,and 350 are the same and I'm not sure if the 400 SBC is the same but I do believe they are and I know the 283 and the 302's are the same because the 302 is the bore of the 305 but the stroke of the 283 and the 302s block were named the Z block and they only came in Camaro's for one year and most of them were convertible and I'm not sure if they came in the Nova one or two years

  7. Congratulations Aiden!!!! Snowflakes will be sick on his truck. It’s a perfect first vehicle which I had something that nice I had to buy mine and it was a 83 Cutlass for $500 and I loved it and still love that old rust bucket my whole trunk was rusted out,doors,bumpers but it was mine wish I still had it

  8. Why tf would another man care about what he does with his own damn toes 🤣 if he wants to paint them murder nova black or pink who cares thousands of guys do it to their hands and feet.. the shit other men worry about floors me.. hopefully they were young dumb kids talking out their ass because that's weird to care about especially for a grown ass man..smh I'm so glad Shawn doesn't give a fuck about what people think… That's rare these days alot of people say they don't but they do and you can tell Shawn actually doesn't.. props to you

  9. I never would have though I would be exactly like minded as you enjoy the vids keep them coming! You a way different person then the show made out. Flip flops are my style too!

  10. . Love seeing Shawn teaching Aiden. He's such a great father and such a cool dude. I've always thought about firing an engine up on the stand but never had the balls. Awesome stuff guy's.

  11. Keep spoiling the kid rotten you will regret that for sure. My Son earned everything he has on his own, 4 Yr.'s of College paid ed for by him and now he's ready to Buy a House without Handouts from Dad. A Chevy with almost 3 Hundred Thousand Miles is just about unheard of.

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