FULL SIZE Truck takes FLIGHT! All 4 wheels off the ground! (RedRum OBS Pickup)

Who doesn’t love a full size race truck? Red Rum just might be THE MOST badass full size race truck we have ever seen. Believe it or not, World Cup Finals was the very first time this truck ran in the quarter mile! Not only that, it ran 6’s! Absolutely insane to watch this truck battle with vehicles that LOOK much faster, but in reality just aren’t! The cherry on top, as you can tell from the thumbnail, is that it popped one of the NASTIEST wheelies we have ever seen! Yes, a full size truck got all 4 wheels on the ground!

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40 thoughts on “FULL SIZE Truck takes FLIGHT! All 4 wheels off the ground! (RedRum OBS Pickup)

  1. I'm remembering Eddie Hill getting to the 4's in a funny car and now full size street trucks are only 2 seconds (or less) slower!? 🤯

  2. 1320 👍keep up the great work!! I love watching your YouTube content!.. thanks to all the staff for putting in the hours,…and Kyle,🙋 much love and respect,..God bless 🙏…and Thank you sir 👍

  3. Can anyone with experience tell me what it feels like to drop the parachutes? Seems like it would be crazy feeling, but I might be exaggerating how quickly they slow a car down 😂

  4. That's Right. Him and his team did a real good job on the truck. I wanted to see how he set up the rear end in the truck. Idk the rules in his class butt if he can run wheelie bars he should

  5. Love mullet but not gonna lie I prefer the classy obs chevy honestly wish yall would show more of em but I'm also partial to the obs chevys cause I'm building my obs as a tribute to my great grandfather the original owner/purchaser of the truck. Came with a 4.3 v6 with a 5 speed, it's going to continue having a 5 speed but one day Itll have a supercharged 496 BBC. It was a work truck for the first part of its life now its gonna be a daily that'll stomp some ass on the street or the strip. No where near mullet and red rum its just gonna be a street truck but it'll boogey with a goal of mid to low 9's in the 1/4 mile.

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