He Shouldn’t Have Lifted! (New GTR Record!)

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Event Description: It’s hard to keep a smile off George’s face in general, but it seems every time he gets behind the wheel of his GTR that his smile only gets bigger. As quoted from George himself, “I felt like I was auditioning for Disney’s stars on ice” in reference to a particularly SKETCHY pass made early on in the weekend of MIR’s Import VS Domestic “World Cup Finals” in Maryland. George previously held the Stock Location GTR record before breaking it again by almost 2/10th’s here at Maryland International Raceway. While the record is often ridiculed for being unimportant, this is a pretty groundbreaking achievement in the GTR world as George’s car approaches its first 6 second pass!

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Author: Rafael


43 thoughts on “He Shouldn’t Have Lifted! (New GTR Record!)

  1. No other video captures the dichotomy of terror and bliss that is experienced day to day while piloting this T1 Race Development rocket. I have so much appreciation for Fred, Kyle and the 1320 crew. I've been chasing time slips for more than 25 years, and specifically with this GTR for over 10 years, but it really only began once Fred approached me at the GT-R World Cup in February for my first interview. Like it or not, he is now my lucky rabbit's foot. 1320 Video has been there for every record broken this year including GT-R World Cup, TX2K, Street Car Takeover, and the World Cup Finals where this video was shot. Everyone knows how shy I am, and that's why I was usually the AV club nerd holding the camera; it prevents me from ever being in front of a lens. It means so much that Fred was speaking to me when these numbers were far away and I was an underdog. I've said in other videos that just seeing Fred on the sideline is good for about a 20 point BP reduction. It feels like having someone on your team, and that's probably why I willing to speak with those guys without being a complete nervous wreck.

    I know many of you hate categories for records, but we all need something to strive for. Every platform has qualifications for certain records, and in reality it's the same at any racing event. Cars are divided into classes so that the rest of us can race competitively, not just the kings. I'd like to be a Tony or a Gidi, but I leave the throne for those gentleman. But by comparison, what would an event such as Imports vs Domestics be if there was just an all out battle for the fastest car there? Everyone recognizes the best according to an accepted set of standards that define a group or class. Over in GT-R world we essentially have 4 class ranging from stock turbos all the way up to anything goes. This car fits in the 3rd class, which is defined by turbos still sitting between the frame rails. It is a hugely limiting factor in turbo size, but it also means the car can elect to retain A/C, alternator, power steering, and all the creature comforts. At Imports vs Domestics we are ( I believe ) the only car running slicks in the class, and just little 10.5" ones at that. We have full electrical system, alternator, and coolant!! All of the other cars are pushed to the line with golf carts and towed back to the pits. This is a streetable car with none of those systems removed. We are not running an automatic with a torque converter or even a sequential transmission. In the future we might have to remove them to be competitive at a world class event such as WCF, but … why should we even have a class at WCF if we follow the logic of 'fastest stock wiper' or any of those arguments. Classes are needed or there would only be one happy racer at every event. Is it ok to build a car to the limits of the class? I personally LOVE seeing the diversity of cars at the large events, and especially seeing the uniformity and consistency of performance within a class. It's especially appealing to see a battle to the .001 between two totally different platforms. This is possible because of classes, and with classes comes nomenclature. I think it is magic that someone like Jason Miller can match cars of hugely different pedigrees to race to unpredictable and thrilling outcomes. Don't hate the system that makes our sport so enjoyable. Stock location windshield wipers FTW, but only because class rules require it 🙂

    Extra thanks to T1 Race Development and Extreme Turbo Systems for these little turbos that keep exceeding all expectations.


  2. Feathering the throttle to keep it in the lane between 100-200 & 700-900ft and it ran a 7.03. Id pit a sweet paint job on it.

  3. Can he use what f1 cars used in around year 2000. It was a dubbel clutch whit 2 smal flippers at the wheel.they stil use it in sim racing. I think Jimmy broadband has a video of it, and how to used it .
    It is now baned in f1. But it was a super smart idea. and you controle it whit your fingers making it more easy i think.
    I hope to come to the USA and visit a dragrace. Greetings from the netherlands.

  4. I was wondering through the first part why it seems like the dude is drinking coffee when the green light drops. Using computerized launch control instead of a trans brake.

  5. I treed a blower Camaro in a stock explorer…. Treed just about most racers 0.002 reaction I honestly thought I red lighted didn't know till I got my ticket

  6. Does that guy have a YouTube channel? It shouldn’t be a “few years” to work that out. When he lifts the foot brake, he starts to roll out, but the clutch doesn’t fully engage until 0.2 seconds. He needs to lift when the pro tree starts and have that trigger an auto release on a trans brake 0.2 seconds later.

  7. Chur Boyz!🤝 Well it's the 31st of December 2018 over here in NZ, it's just a little past 10pm, 2hours away from New year's, and I'm watching a GTR on 1320! Ahahah👍🤘 keep them coming brother's. Happy New years and a big FUCK YEAH! From New Zealand.

  8. I thought he was asleep at the lights, as well. Imagine how much faster they'll be when that tuning hurdle is surmounted.

  9. People seriously forget how great it is that its making this kind of power on stock location turbos seeing as that allows you to run power steering and air conditioning if you wanted too in a full interior street version.. customer cars have already made over 2000whp in stock location in full street cars.

  10. Time to forget the rear mounted transaxle and put a damn liberty 6 speed with a 9 inch rear end located by a parallel 4 link and really show what the VR38 can do. The transaxle and TCM simply werent designed for 1/4 mile drag racing.

  11. I would love to see people soup up those golf carts n race them for fun before the real races, I'm sure there's a way to make those little motors faster.

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