He’s Buying all The Cars From His Past (1320Garages | Ep. 2)

Episode 2 of 1320Garages takes us 20 minutes outside Omaha to our buddy Chris Sills garage. Chris has what most of us car enthusiasts dream of – 35 acres and more garage space than house! Thanks for having us our, Chris – we’ll be back again soon for more shenanigans!

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46 thoughts on “He’s Buying all The Cars From His Past (1320Garages | Ep. 2)

  1. #2 is a no brainer…..if your collection includes an old bench seat still cab pickup, it's just something special, take your lady out for a drive on some old country roads. Mayne give her the old bench seat slide maneuver

  2. I noticed it too and glad Fred asked about sbc in everything and no LS’s. I have sbc and LS. Pros and cons to each, but to feel (opinion) sbe on sbc vs LS the LS wins every time. He must be taking about sbc with aftermarket block with 4 mains, forged internals and I bet their topped off with 👌 great heads.

  3. if you guys ever want to come to ohio i got a buddy with a killer car collection ! about 50-60 cars all rare , low miles and original or highly restored everything from porsches to old hudsons and studebakers to 3 ford gts 2 old 1 new

  4. Sacrilege to put an LS in an old Chevy, but lasers and potentiometers on an old Chrysler is fine?
    Guy has a nice collection regardless.
    I'd be a little nervous in the passenger seat of that Chrysler though. No seat belts, no shoes, lots of power, and a driver who holds his tongue out while giving it the onions…

    Awesome range content on your guys part too.

  5. I am so very jealous of that K10, really makes me miss my 72 C20 which was the last year of that body style. Was such a reliable, rugged truck but couldn't afford to drive it and ended up selling it for what we bought it for after beating on it for a year. Also, using a shotgun as the shifter is such a killer move but probably would cause some issues being pulled over haha.

  6. Man did he get a sweet deal on the 57 or what!!!??? I would have been like okay that is mine and I am going to be right back cause I am going to the bank right now!!!😎💯

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