How I acquired one of the RAREST R33’s in the World (1320Stories | Ep. 6)

There were all sorts of great Japanese cars built by various companies in the 90’s. The car in this video is one of them. HKS’s T-002, an R33 GTR. Jordan, the new owner, tells a wild story of the process of purchasing the car. On top of that complicated situation, HKS had other plans. They wanted to rebuild the entire car to bring it back to its former glory after sitting outside for a decade! It’s great to see footage of this icon breaking records back in the day, to seeing HKS put love back into it to make the car what it is today. That along with all sorts of complications from Covid and other outside factors, makes for one crazy story!

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30 thoughts on “How I acquired one of the RAREST R33’s in the World (1320Stories | Ep. 6)

  1. Now this is where i want to see 1320 going…tell the stories of the amazing car people that Kyle and Co. Have come to know. I would like to see a feature on SW out of Austin. He is a legendary car guy.

  2. absolutely epic. what a machine and find and seems like the perfect guy to appreciate the car. would love to see more videos of the T-002! any replies for some Jordan/Luke video would be greatly appreciated.

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