HUNDREDS of Cars Gather For Texas STREET RACES!! (1,000+ hp Street Cars)

LAST CHANCE: 5X Entries to win a R35 GTR:

You already know how this one goes folks: Texas Streets, 1000hp Cars, big highways, straight roads – it’s a recipe for some grade-A street racing and that’s exactly what we found. We found flame throwing R8’s and other supercars, a sh*tload of Corvettes (to be expected), a sleeper Volkswagen Beetle, and tons more. You won’t want to miss this one!

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33 thoughts on “HUNDREDS of Cars Gather For Texas STREET RACES!! (1,000+ hp Street Cars)

  1. Mark my words, one day there'll be a Beetle that obliterates that thing on electric – the only reason electrics dont top speed is they have no gears, someone is gonna add a 2 speed single planetary interposer for a tesla drivetrain or similar soon enough, and when that happens theyre gonna take all comers. So hopefully thats no longer the fastest Beetle you can imagine lmao.

  2. As a biker myself i also hate when guy fly that close to cars when street racing like that right there is no need for the biker to get that close or even do a pull when 2 faster cars are doing a pull

  3. I love cars and racing but doing this out in the streets with regular drivers that have families in their vehicles is ABSOULTLY WRONG!!!!!

  4. Sheepey race always getting gapped. You’d think they’d build some monsters by now with the amount of cars they build

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