I Bought the CHEAPEST Pro Drift Car In the Country!!! (what a ripper)

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38 thoughts on “I Bought the CHEAPEST Pro Drift Car In the Country!!! (what a ripper)

  1. When you don’t work with a person you’ve been close friends to for the past couple of years it doesn’t mean that you can’t hangout with them anymore… HELL YEAH BROTHER COOPER BACC

  2. Not a bad price for what youre getting. BTW, it also kills me that 240sx's and pretty much any 80s to 90s RWD cars have tripled in price over that last 5-10 years. I used to own 4 of them 15 years ago from highschool into my twenties, They were an amazing and fun car for the money. Now they're overpriced and its extremely rare to find a clean stock one. Most the ones I see are wrecked, rusted to shit, gutted, or all the above with an asking price of 3-6k depending on condition (I live in Oregon/The NorthWest) . But I guess I was lucky to have a lot of my favorite cars when I was younger. I had two 91' 240 hatchs, 90' 240 coupe, 98' Kouki 240, 87' 200sx, 300zx, 89' Turbo II RX-7, 85' Corolla GTS coupe, 95' Turbo MR2, two 325is BWW E30's, 86' Audi Quattro Turbo, 89" Mitsubishi ESI-R Starion Turbo, Eagle Talon, 2000 Wrx Bug eye hatch, and many others over the years. I didn't own them all at once but always had at least 3-4 at a time and either traded up or sold them for profit. But now im looking at all these cars I had and wished I never sold a single damn one of them. Especially the 86' Quattro. Man that was my favorite car out all everything i've ever owned and there was only like 700 in the US market. Of course it was the "SPORT" version. I was and still is a huge rally fan so that's how I knew about the car. In 2008 I seen it sitting in a garage during a garage sale with a cover over half of it. I asked the woman if she was willing to part with it. She told me it hasnt ran in a couple years and wasn't sure because it was her sons car, moved away with his wife halfway across the country, and left it there. So, I went over to look at it and it was in damn near mint condition. It was all black on black paint/interior, it had 60k miles on it and the paint, body, interior were in damn near perfect shape. I figured it didnt run because of something simple which is usually the case with most cars that dont run, Its usually a fuel or spark issue. She gave me his contact info and I called him to see if he would sell and what the issue might be. He told me he didnt know what was wrong and was so frustrated with the car he gave up. After wheeling and dealing over the phone he said he just wanted it gone and if I wanted to to just let his mother have the money. Long stupid story short. I "drove" that car out of the garage with $2000 less in my bank account. I tried my hardest to keep my poker face on during the whole interaction because even then I knew that car was worth way more money in its current state and I wanted to own one since forever. The issue ended up being something stupid like usually. Before a bought the car I did a thorough inspection, cleaned some electrical contacts, etc.) and found that the distributor power cable was just hanging there disconnect. I immediately new that was the problem. This was before a deal was made. I than made the deal, brought the cash, a battery, and some gas to the house, hooked the power wire to distributor, put in another battery, and after a few cranks she fired right up. You cant beat that feeling. Anyways I modded the car quite a bit to just modernize it with a newer and bigger turbo, fuel pump, injectors, coilovers, and got it to around 360whp. Back in 2008 that was quite a bit of power and still is to have more than enough fun on the street. I daily'd that car for a few years and sold it for 20K to somebody who made an offer to me 6 months before I called him back. Even in 2011 that car in that condition was worth a lot more but I needed the money to add more to the down payment on this house I really really wanted and I didn't want to lose the house to another buyer. Anyways, I miss that car and all my other ones. I still have a few 90s japanese cars I baby and some 70's ones as well. Sometimes I wonder how much money I could have gotten if I had all the cars I used to own and sold them at the price they are going for now. Must be at least $120k+ when I probably spent a total of 17-20k all together for all those cars throughout high school and my twenties. And that's not counting the 86' Audi Quattro. The guy I sold it too still has it along with 50 other beautiful cars in his temperature controlled steel storage shop/warehouse.

  3. I was worried something like this was going on. Makes me sad cause coop added alot of humor and quirk to the channel and i always loved seeing him part of the vids so hate seeing a great guy leave but wish him nothing but the best! Maybe Alec will be more involved soon.

  4. Well Coop got pushed aside when James was hired and now he is no more in the Cleeter site, good luck Cooper and it is sad to see Garret push the one man whom was there with him from the start of this channel. Am almost done with this page, it used to be about friends having fun and now it's loosely based on that with sponsors kissing their asses

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