I Got To Drive “EL BANDITO” – An EXTREME $400,000 Bronco Built For Literally ANYTHING!!!

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We made a last minute trip to Las Vegas for a Nitto Tire experience with Vaughn Gittin Jr. and the RTR team. Their new Fun-Haver off road truck was there “El Bandito” and we got to rip this amazing truck!

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26 thoughts on “I Got To Drive “EL BANDITO” – An EXTREME $400,000 Bronco Built For Literally ANYTHING!!!

  1. Tell you what ,,,Cleet has him a hell of a wheel man..George has the voice and the personality to fit the job!!!NO offense to ur other camera Guys!!!but He is always smiling and pumped up to be there.

  2. Wheres is the live stuff you were gunna start at 5:30 friday? was waiting for that and got nothing lol dont tell me its one of those you have to pay to see? just trying to get money to pay for your race cars eh? haha im jelly

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