In the Shop with Murder Nova: Head Swap On 6.0L Swap Donor for Shawn’s Jeep Wagoneer!

We swap out a set of iron 6 liter heads for some aluminum 241’s on the 6.0/4L80 combo that will be going in Shawns Jeep Grand Wagoneer!

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Author: Rafael


39 thoughts on “In the Shop with Murder Nova: Head Swap On 6.0L Swap Donor for Shawn’s Jeep Wagoneer!

  1. Hey Shawn & Phantom! Good video.. I have a 6.0 in my truck. Its 10 times better than the SBC from the 80's.
    About that plastic intake. Mine is cracked. When its cold you can hear it pull in air. Vacuum gauge confirms it.
    Change it while you can! Regards from Ody Slim

  2. So i want to throw my guess out there on the dyno run i will post on that video as well but i wanna say its gonna push 387 h.p. and im not great with all wheel drive setups and how that limits or makes torque so im gonna just guess the horsepower

  3. You didn't show the installation of the new engine!! You could could of done a 401 AMC Engine! Same bell housing. Like cheys. 88 was the last year before they sold out too Mopar

  4. You should not use fiber wheels to clean any internal surfaces of an engine because the material gets stuck between the ring lands and goes in the oil passages and scars up all the oil bearings in the motor they make green or yellow plastic cleanup disk for doing that

  5. Since it's out of the car I would do everything to that new lift there's new push rods camI do the whole thing just cuz you know you're going to do it sooner or later so will do it now while it's out of the car and definitely give it more horsepower and a Jeep with horsepower is nice I know I had one with a 350 in it 400 horse didn't know it though

  6. Yes they make a kit so you can keep your stock transfer case… Those 360 can be rebuild to make some HP out of them.. Take about 1500.00 bucks to make it run.. But like you said its still a carb.. Less music next time please and thank you.. Some of the 4×4 stuff cost as much as your race car does…

  7. Y'all gotta turn the music 🎶 down I like what ya trying to do with it but that comes with learning just turn the music down so we can hear what ya talking about unless it's a time-lapse 👍21:04 is perfect volume ♥ Y'all

  8. Shawn, you could actually get the overhead center console on the 89 they 91 Wagoneer. My 91 is white with the tan interior and overhead console, the 87 is black with the burgundy interior, and the 85 is burgundy/burgundy.

    There have been lots of LS Swaps into wagoneers now. They are even doing a lot of the new hemi’s and hellcat swaps into them now which makes the Wagoneer into a damn BEAST!!! I’ve been wanting to do a ram hemi swap into one of mine for several years now. They are making LS swap kits now but not the hemi kit yet. You can get everything you need in one kit for the LS which is really nice!!

    Can’t wait to see how yours turns out, may decide to go with an LS instead of hemi then. It sure would save some money!! Either one will make it fun to drive and will be a hell of an improvement over factory!

  9. Damn Shawn!!! I had no clue you had a woody Brother!! I’ve gotta follow this channel to the minute buddy cause I’ve got 3 Grand Wagoneers, an 85, an 87, and the final year, a 91. I love the wagoneers brother, one of the best vehicles built!! I’m so glad I stumbled across this channel, miss seeing you since I got rid of cable years ago and haven’t been able to see you on street outlaws any more but I think I’d rather see you here anyways!! Hope your doing good buddy! Stay safe!

  10. Put a stage 1 or 2 Brain Tooley truck cam it with some good valve springs and headers keep the stock intake you will have a good 500HP daily driver

  11. I would love to see a carb and air gap intake and headers into some quiet flow mufflers and out factory exhaust and maybe a rv cam or a low duration upgraded from stock camshaft coil relocation set up and paint the block mopar blue so when you open the hood it looks oldschool

  12. You are definitely going to get a bump in compression using the 241 heads 66cc chamber iirc those iron heads were like 71cc or 73cc.

  13. There is a test done that the cheap China studs are a lot inferior to even reused factory studs and arp are better than both but absolutely nothing wrong with tty bolts. Test was done by clever people so not me obviously.

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