Is he CHEATING? Racing drama and trailer burnouts! | Sick Week Day 4

It’s day 4 of Sick Week and over 70 racers have had to drop out of the competition! If that isn’t a testament to how tough these drag and drives are then we don’t know what is! For those who remain: it’s either been easy peasy or it’s been a ride on the struggle bus. Along with those things that you’ll see in the video, a racer gets accused of cheating. Fred speaks to him about the situation and how it was resolved. One more day of coverage coming after this video and we’ll see who comes out on top!

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24 thoughts on “Is he CHEATING? Racing drama and trailer burnouts! | Sick Week Day 4

  1. I wonder if maybe some of those people in the green mustangs class were those same people who said cleetus couldn't compete due to no dash bar in Leroy in LV that one time…

  2. The whole reason the front is built like that from what I can see is easy access that’s why they took the weight gain over stock and it’s 2 pieces no matter what anybody says reality is reality whoever complained is getting beaten and has been given participation trophy’s there whole life

  3. It's great to see all the Canadian's making a showing.
    "We've met more people then you can shake a stick at" – the most Canadian saying of the day.

  4. Somebody, somewhere, knows who the slow whiney baby is. Like he said, he could cut it into 4 pieces and still make the baby look slow

  5. that proposed penalty for snot rocket was silly! he passed tech did he not?? if they felt that was not in the spirit of the rule then it should have been said during tech.

  6. Why no coyotes playing with the big boys in unlimited, thats right cant make enough power and drive them.800 miles. Lmao chevy rules how many ford powered cars have ever won the big street driven drag weeks. Throw an extra 1000 lbs in the snot rocket and go play with cleetus brett weighs 2,800 lbs to cleetus 3,900 lbs that equalls a full second cleetus would run in the 5 sexond range at 2,800 lbs facts

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