Last man standing gets $10,000 (Track Cash Days at our home track)

Who doesn’t love seeing some 4-second small tire cars getting down on a sketchy track surface?! We had 14 racers in our home track small tire cash days competing for $10,000 cash and boy did it make for some good racing. These boys weren’t lifting for anything!

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32 thoughts on “Last man standing gets $10,000 (Track Cash Days at our home track)

  1. Kyle asks most of 'em "how much power ya putt'n down?",, It's not about power as much as it is HOOK,, gobs a power is useless if ya can't find the traction. That's where Ryan excells,, he knows how to find traction when others cannot.

  2. @3:50 I wondered if that wasn't Ryan Mitchell and his bad ass Pontiac,, YES, those of us who know who he is would put our nickels on him FTW too!

  3. Damn this is only a few minutes from me too… damn wondering why I saw neighbor getting the Ol Chevy ready with company and a badass truck. Next year!

  4. thanks kyle that was awesome,always suprised at how good ryan does on the street and the track,hes def a well rounded racer,cool video man thanks again

  5. These cars are just getting insane. I remember being back in high school in my buddies 89 fox body with a cam and headers and he had a 100 shot of nitrous and thinking it was the fastest car on the streets back in 2007. Now these quote un quote street cars are making 4000+ hp.

  6. The guy in the Malibu that had his foot in the beam he knew what he was doing he was trying to throw out the other driver personally I think that's chickenshit

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