Making a living Drag Racing ain’t Easy.. Wrecks, Fires, Lost Job, + MORE (1320Stories ep.7)

Nick is a one of the most dedicated racers that we’ve met over the years and the amount of highs and lows he’s experienced over the years is unreal. From the time he was a kid, he’s had the racing bug stemming from his father being big into the drag racing scene in the 90’s and growing up around drag strips and motorsports in general. Many surreal experiences and crazy builds later, Nick is still on the road with his wife, newborn child and dog making their drag racing dreams come true.

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27 thoughts on “Making a living Drag Racing ain’t Easy.. Wrecks, Fires, Lost Job, + MORE (1320Stories ep.7)

  1. Definition of living the American dream!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🏁🏁💯💯 Hopefully the hustin horsepower YouTube channel gets the love it deserves and they are able to keep living their dream!!

  2. Nick has an almost instinctive understanding of how a dragster behaves. He’s a great man and I’m sure he’s a great Dad too!

  3. Good For You Bro! Everything happens for a reason! Absolutely love your Builds ! Best of luck to you and your family! Hope to see you at the track someday

  4. Thank you Kyle and 1320 crew, Nick and Maddie are damn good people and will do anything they can to help someone out. I first met Nick up in KC at one of Toby's (RIP) races, shortly after he built the Dirty 30.

  5. What I find fascinating about Nick and Maddy is that they do it all. They didn't buy an old Pro Stock chassis, they built it. Their engines don't come ready to run from a big name builder. There isn't a pro tuner showing up to dial them in while the driver cools off between runs. Nick goes over the data and tunes the truck while Maddy handles all the jobs needed to make the next run, fuel, tires,video, etc. Then there's merch sales. Then MVP and all the mom chores. I get tired just thinking about it.

  6. Nick and Maddy are straight gangsters and work their tail off to keep doing what they love. She's an amazing wife to stick by his side after all the ups and downs. Nick is the definition of determination and never gives up.

  7. He deserves so much more helping out when he can does his best for the family I've been a fan since the dirty 30 about time he got a little recognition

  8. Man what a trooper! I hope some good luck comes your way brother, you deserve a damn break dude
    hope you get your health issues sorted out and some good things come your way soon!

  9. Man I’ve always respected you and Maddy and all the hard work you guys put in and I know most of the information in this interview just from being around you guys but I respect you guys so much more after seeing this video congratulations on everything you have accomplished looking forward to seeing what you guys do next

  10. What an absolute warrior. We should all be so fortunate to have this much drive in life. I was almost brought to tears. Congratulations on everything man🤘 beyond happy for you to see where you are now

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