Making The Tesla Plaid Cyber Kart Even Lighter!

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49 thoughts on “Making The Tesla Plaid Cyber Kart Even Lighter!

  1. You wont always have hit videos. Some days are just not as interesting as others, that's life. Some suggestions would be a mic on whomever is around, DSLR would be nice but not really necessary. Just keep hammering them out. I can say the 2jz tube chassis Civic build is going to be epic as well as the Black NSX. I honestly thought the plan for the Plaid was to swap it onto some sort of Honda body. Whatever you do we want one Spectator Drags trophy from the Freedom Factory with the Plaid.

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  3. my suggestion is not so many closeups as ive said before, seeing the acne in 4k is really a put off lol. but more random videos with just goofing off. doesnt have to be in depth car stuff alllll the time. and not really talking about videos of your pet grasshoppers and lizards.. lol

  4. More OG content on gas engines. All the Tesla shit is just messing with its aerodynamics to shave another hundreth of a second off your 1/4 times. It never breaks, screws up a launch or does anything interesting, too predictable.

  5. Take a look at Street Racing Channels video`s. They have killer looking video and editing and Music. And I wonder if the tear down videos and rebuild videos do better? Also some more Tech details videos would be good as well. A lot of the geezers out here I am sort of one of them aren`t into the Honda 4 bangers as much as the V8 stuff but me personally I love the way a cammed k series engine sounds. Just one old man`s opinion. I use the I phone 10 and it was huge jump and much better then the buggy low battery life ok looking video No Pro I was using. Forget that man. I charge my phone once a week. The sports cams just eat batteries for sure but they are handy.

  6. Might be worth getting the 2 chutes before you get there, so you dont get sidelined for tech reasons ๐Ÿ˜… and for the camera, i think just getting a set of dji or rhode wireless mics would help quality alot like others are saying, other than that we just need videos to watch ๐Ÿ˜…

  7. going above normal hd, is hassle, i like the channel as it is, retention is more about people having time to watch things sometimes not just "are they interested" or "people not liking it". Which channels do you follow? do you sometimes miss episodes simply because you didn't see it in the list? I think a massive thing to do is notify people, mighty car mods post a goat on their instaballs when the new video comes out. Knowing helps retention .

  8. if you put the aluminum panels back on you should put dimples in them like a golf ball. the dimples will reduce resistance that's what help the golf balls to fly as far as they do.

  9. Talking a lot is boring also everyone has a short attention span constantly need something new your channel is pretty repetitive and boring unlike the old days when Charlie was on it he made it fun and entertaining.

  10. I like passenger reaction videos. Why not some people for rides and film their reactions. Or, just drive Eroy to the beach or a car show/ cars and coffeee to get peoples' reactions. That makes some decent content. I liked it when you were talking to the cops about it. Pretty funny.

  11. I'm all for the road course but the way your swinging that thing about, maybe some drift / gymkhana stuff?

    Would love to see you guys build something purely for drifting and give it a proper crack..

  12. Rear inner sidewall wear on the rear is unfortunately common for the Plaid. I had a tire fail in the exact same way. The "fix" I did was adding adjustable rear camber arms to reduce the camber in the low suspension setting. Not that you are worried about tire life but might be nice to have anyway as you move forward with this build.

  13. i wish the eroy video didnt do good its all the snowflakes us og watchers been here since day on wago days and this tesla shit sucks but make that money

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