MASSIVE twin turbos and INSANE launches from this 68′ Camaro!

We stumbled upon this beautiful, FAST first gen Camaro at Ice Cream Cruise and it turned out to be our friend Chad Fegley! The massive turbos out front are what initially caught our eye. Then when the car cracked off an impressively fast pass, Fred went to the pits to find the owner to learn more. We’ve seen this car in the past, but it’s a COMPLETELY different car now. Chad came out for testing and ended up doing A LOT more than just that!

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31 thoughts on “MASSIVE twin turbos and INSANE launches from this 68′ Camaro!

  1. If they're not doing anything to cool the car, just adding fuel because of the size of the tanks, it's not cheating.
    Someone will argue about having the motor shut off during feeling is allowing it to cool, but it would also be dumb as eff to leave the engine running, same as when filling up at a regular pump. Some forms of motorsport even have rules stating the engine has to be off during refuelling stops, which can lead to engines being heat soaked and not starting, so if these start up straight away, it's more proof they're built right.

  2. "The batteries are flat"
    "Did you charge them?"
    "Did you leave the 64 high-powered spotlights projecting the flag into the sky plugged into the car after you unplugged the charger?"
    "Good, wonder what is causing the flat battery?"
    "Hek yeah!"

  3. It's watching these humble, just happy to be there, friendly hard working just doing what they love guys like Chad that makes this VERY enjoyable to watch and cheer on… Humble, Happy, has a Beautiful Fast Ride and the kind of guy you really enjoy to see WINNING… If watching a guy like Chad doesn't make you smile and get a little excited for him to Win, then you should go check yourself… Thank you 1320 for Spotlighting guys like Chad who truly are the Heartbeat of these events… Thank You~!

  4. Awesome video, he was running some good numbers, and only babying it, be great when he gets it all together at once, thanks for the video excellent, all the best to yous and your loved ones

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