Murder Nova Discusses First Full Season of NPK. Will We Return for Season 5 of No Prep Kings???

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We sit down and discuss our first full season of No Prep Kings and whether or not we’ll return for season 5!

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Author: Rafael


36 thoughts on “Murder Nova Discusses First Full Season of NPK. Will We Return for Season 5 of No Prep Kings???

  1. All of us true morons no yall real ones and yall bust your asses every race I watched yall tear up the transmission in tulsa tear it out rebuilt the converter and turn around and do 200 mph in a matter of 2 hours yall are bad ass

  2. Great video guys. When you have competition, you will have emotion come to bear. It is what it is. Easy to talk trash behind a keyboard.
    You guys knew early in the NPK season that you really didn't realize how not prepared for what you were getting into. You started learning & listening and now will be in a better position to compete. I enjoyed the fact that you were fortunate enough to take the family & friends along for some of it. The one thing I notice more on the NPK show than the Street show is that family and kids get featured at the chip draws and such.

  3. Whenever people say you laid down for Ryan, I’ve never once believed it. You spend to much money and time to just stop. Also from watching you since season one, to listening to the podcast, and now watching the content on your channel. You’re to competitive to just give up, and that’s why I follow you so much, you don’t stop even when you’re on top

  4. Hey keep up the good work guys y'all will get there y'all get the bugs figured out .watching and listening to y'all driving down the road that Ford seems like it's a real smooth ride lol. Just keep doing what y'all love and having fun hell with the haters

  5. Years ago a friend of mine decided he wanted to start fishing the Chesapeake Bay tournaments. He started a team including his wife,another good friend and myself. We were good fisherman. That first year was a grind. If there was a way to mess up we did. Nothing went right.
    The following offseason we decided there had to be a better way. We looked at everything we could. Which knots we used, where everything was kept, morning procedures to get us off the lift and ready to fish. We rehearsed what everyone did, double checked everything and shame on you if you put something in the wrong spot.
    The following year we won boat of the year.
    You don’t just walk in to something that high level and take over. You guys will kill it next season.
    Get to work on that K5. I’m the guy that got a pic of Shawn’s forearm tattoo at maple grove. My K5 is coming along

  6. Slim Fast shakes will make you lose excess Water weight and you can still eat whatever you want to and still lose weight, Two or three shakes a day 3 week's before the season starts and you'll drop 20 pounds…or more.

  7. You and Scott Taylor at America's List was hilarious the big blowout argument 😅😅😅 Ryan Martin was driving your car

    "WAY To run Nice Job pat's him on the shoulder " 😅😅🤣

  8. You need a hog ass cam
    Keep up the good work and it will pay off. Much respect. Look forward to what the future holds for your crew and family.

  9. You guys did pretty darn good for the first year. But you made some mistakes that hurt you pretty bad earlier on.

    I don't know if you have it or or interested in doing it but some check lists for tasks you have to do would probably help. For example the pieces in oil taking the engine out after it blew up.

    But I have no doubt you will keep getting better.

  10. I just ordered merch for the first time Monday night and it already arrived today. Thanks to Erin for getting that out so fast. The Murder Nova is the best car name I have ever heard. I would like to hear how you came up with that name.

  11. Honestly Shawn needs a crew chief who does agree with Shawn on everything and copy him even by his painted toes and flip flops you need a crew that can think on his feet and not be afraid to give his opinion on what's best for the nova. And have a good knowledge in chassis set up and new products coming that can boost your teamimmature. Ego ie phantom how
    He is he has to be by the star Shawn all the time gets old.

  12. Love the recap videos. I’m telling you guys, when you either put the OG back to #1 or you put NPK car in the winner circle (or both hopefully) you will feel such a weight off your shoulders and I think that’s when the real success is gonna come. You guys deserve it and it’s fate. It’s gonna happen! #MoronNation

  13. OK what are you trying to say you think you were purposely picked by chief to fight for a spot on the list you think he would've fucking did that shit to you put other people in but have you fucking race ur way in if that's the way you think can you also explain to us why he would do that how is that going to benefit him in anyway he knows your fucking fast he wants you to fucking be there to represent. Bro just seems like you got your fucking head so far up Ryan's fucking ass that you fucking don't know what the fuck is going on anymore You know it wasn't up to him who gets to go and who doesn't who gets on the list and who has to fight for a spot on the list

  14. To hell with those COUCH racers.. Unless they lived it they know nothing about it. I'm so glad to hear your gonna do NPK this year.. I told Shawn that as long as he is racing in it, I'm making it a goal to support you guys..
    You've experienced NPK now you know whatcha gotta do and prepare for. I met you all at Maple Grove Raceway accept for Phantom ( he was on the road ), was my first race and I just love you all. You guys are real.. I know Aiden remembers me Shawn might too.. 187 Customs big toenail.. 😆 keep your heads high guys you rock!!!

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