Mustang nearly TAKES OUT Lamborghini, 200mph Races, and MORE (TX2K23 Day 1)

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TX2K23 is upon us, which means the fastest street cars from around the United States have gathered to compete for records, trophies, and of course – bragging rights! Last year, we saw an unprecedented amount of wrecks, most of which were Supercars. This year seems to be taking a similar route, however we can’t take away from the insane level of cars that this event brings – there’s no other event in the world like it.

Mustang Crash GoPro: Thank you “Fast Off Racing” for the footage (Check them out!)

Check out FloRacing Live Stream:

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27 thoughts on “Mustang nearly TAKES OUT Lamborghini, 200mph Races, and MORE (TX2K23 Day 1)

  1. Genuinely curious, what is the point of even posting an et during roll racing.
    Also staggering the cars seems very dangerous imagine if the integra lost control and took out the other car that was having issues. Pretty sure the cars aren’t necessarily designed to take a rear impact at 100mph. Just my 0.02

  2. Can anyone tell me if tracks have "caught up" with the Tesla's yet? What I mean is for a while they were telling Tesla's that they can't race because they were TOO FAST. They needed parachutes and roll cages or tranny guards or something like that.

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