New Orleans Street Racing (WILD Cash Days at Da Pad)

Another crazy street racing experience at Da Pad! Cash Days style races are our favorite. Though the race wasn’t big, it was just as wild as usual. Lots of close races, hundreds of people, food trucks, etc. New Orleans never disappoints!

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25 thoughts on “New Orleans Street Racing (WILD Cash Days at Da Pad)

  1. That Vega is awesome. People sleep on the blow through carb set ups. Once you get them dialed, they work well. Not to mention how much they drop EGT's. Ive had two blow through set ups. Almost done with my 62 Ford f100 short bed step side. Its a blow through on a 427. Just a little street strip truck. 640hp through a 4 speed mansmission. Great video 1320 as always.

  2. I never thought street outlaws was necessarily fake as fuck, but I do feel as if you aren’t a “STREET OUTLAW”, if you have it set up with your city to shutdown streets in the city, to race on. Where is the OUTLAW in that? Just my opinion

  3. See most us southerners come out the womb wit big NUTZ
    So we don’t need to let the world know what we slangin 💪🏾. Leace that for y’all Nebraska folks lol

  4. 😂😂😂😂 I was down there 1 time with the Nyce1s Crew I said never again. Bruh if u think Florida is hot 😂😂😂😂 That place is the devil ball's

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