Nissan with an UNEXPECTED Engine Combo.. and it’s FAST! (AWD Billet 4G63)

Santa Pod Raceway was full of surprises, but one car that stuck out was this heavily modified Nissan Pulsar. Upon close inspection, we were pleased to find a billet 4G63 (and obviously a big ass turbo) that fit so nicely into the engine compartment, it could have been stock. You pair that with the dogbox trans, AWD driveline, parachute, and plexiglass and suddenly you find yourself thinking you’ve got a European “Red Demon” on your hands. This was sweet!

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41 thoughts on “Nissan with an UNEXPECTED Engine Combo.. and it’s FAST! (AWD Billet 4G63)

  1. My country ( New Zealand ) was very fortunate to be able to import the full 70s,80s,90s etc JDM market. GTiR Pulsars used to be everywhere and fairly affordable here but not anymore.

  2. About time some light had thrown on the baby GDR's.. that the Americans blowing a load in the pants over stupid r34gDrs and me been a aussie thinking I should sell my thrasher r34 and buy a cool car N14 GTIR PULSAR 🥵🙋‍♂️🇦🇺

  3. Loving seeing Santa pod. I live in Mobile, Alabama, now, but I'm originally from the UK. Used to spend time at the pod with my friends quite often back in the day. Brings back good memories. Thanks.

  4. For all those Fucking people talking shit to my 1,400hp home made 4g63 powered 1992 eagle talon tsi awd. I took it to my shop got her on the mustang Dyno, I currently make 1,181 wheel horsepower the engine itself is still making high 1300s very close to 1,400 horsepower

  5. Love the pulsar gtr lol how have i never seen this thing! What a unit. Serious build i like the rare units full custom because you know its not off the shelf parts lots of skill needed on this level and all are unique af

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