NPK Season 5 Race 2 Recap From Virginia Motorsports Park! Things Get Heated!

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NPK Season 5 Race 2 Recap from Virginia Motorsports Park. Things get heated!

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Author: Rafael


31 thoughts on “NPK Season 5 Race 2 Recap From Virginia Motorsports Park! Things Get Heated!

  1. man, it's good to see you stay positive. a lot of racers would of let that burn them for a lot longer. it's nice to see you yall describe what happen and why without pointing fingers and explaining how a race program should work. keep your heads up, you got the car dial in to win, just got to get the mental game dialed in a lil bit more. focus on the next race once the current race is over and in the books.

  2. The car was flying this weekend.
    Having watched your race between Robin Roberts I personally think that what happened on the line was total Bull Manure! I don’t know if the starter is an idiot, a buddy of Robin’s, or production thinks screwing you is good way to create some “cheap heat” at the race and for the show or between Robin and you but in the end the simple fact of the matter is you got fornicated over, deep, hard, dirty. I know that NPK doesn’t follow NHRA rules but I have personally witnessed the same series of events at the Gator Nationals in a Super Gas race back in 2011 and the NHRA Starter DQ the car who’s crewman lit the top bulb which drew the other racer to roll into the beams and put it on the chip and as far as I am concerned Robin Robert’s should of been DQ’d. The re-run in a situation like this while a nice token of trying to make things right but what was there to make right especially when you have to turn your car around in 20 minutes. All I can say is you very soon you can pay Mr Robert’s back in spades ball deep after dipping it in sand three times over. That all said I shoved a rusty hat pin in my Robin Robert’s Voodoo doll right in the pee-pee. PS Always remember the 6 P’s of life (Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance) and Chance favors the prepared minds; So be a Boy Scout and always be prepared.
    OG listener #715 and proud member of #MoronNation

  3. Robin and his wife again ahhhhhhh. Sorry my Freind you are such a good guy in the way you handled that situation. Thank you for explaining what happened.

  4. I realize it was an honest mistake on their part, but it still really pisses me off. if someone's FOOT lights the beam and the other car bumps in… race over! They lose! not trying to talk bad about Robin. it wasn't his fault

  5. I know your not mad at Robin but you probably should be this kinda shit seems to follow him and his crew especially that wife of his where ever they go she always has her trap flapping let's see if she issues an apology to you and your family / crew for what happened. You should have told Robin not to cross the scales or u couldn't be freinds any longer… think he would have not crossed em.

  6. if you have a big tire car, cant race a fiberglass body, would it be worth finding a metal body ad put it on. my freind that i race with was asked to go to las Vegas and race. he is one of the fastest nitrous cars with a 623 in ok. i am going nitrous mid year, not so sure my car wont end up in a chassis shop over the winter, and as i was paying my last install and a once in a life time deal on a prochrgeded combo that was gonna be cheaper came my way. all my backup knoledge about the whole car is about Bickel and Solutions so i guess im gonna be nitrous next year. sorry long But would it be worth racing the invitationals

  7. EXACTLY…Robin Roberts should have been disqualified even if it was a crew error, everyone on the crew should not only know their job, but their responsibilities as well. Best of luck going forward guys.

  8. I lost respect for Robin Roberts and his crew last years NPK when he pulled the bs “we won’t be friends anymore” to BF Geezy!

    Yes I’m from Cali!

  9. Guys thanks for keeping it real and just explaining what happened during the weekend. I love when we get to act like we are bench racing with you right there.

  10. Robin Roberts is the typical do gooder church goin person who never lives up to his supposed “ values” he KNEW he burned you down and even if he didn’t know why they didn’t red light him, a REAL sportsman would’ve skipped the scales. My new nickname for him after what we’ve seen him pull these last two seasons is ONE WAY ROBIN! Do as I say not as I do

  11. If Robin Robert's goes across the scale we ain't friends!!!!! F Robin and everything that man stands for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a beach!! Literally!!!!!

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