One of the CRAZIEST builds we’ve EVER seen.. (1933 Dodge Big Block | Twin Turbo)

Nick Plewniak has been a recognizable face on our channel for nearly a decade now. He’s built crazy looking drag cars since at least 2013 when we first ran into him and the Stretchy Truck. His most recent creation “Straight Gangster” is another 1933 Dodge, stuffed full with a wicked twin turbo big block set up. It was still in its testing phase when we saw it at War in the Woods, but boy this thing looks promising. At least once it stops doing power wheelies at the finish line!

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43 thoughts on “One of the CRAZIEST builds we’ve EVER seen.. (1933 Dodge Big Block | Twin Turbo)

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  2. He is famous just for having a old car he is a beast and his girlfriend is really nice and I love he is always a underdog that wing ins nasty as hell he is a good guy God bless him and his family Timmy c Bristol ct 💯😎

  3. Got to love and appreciate the talent out there of the folks getting out there and giving things a crack. If I can get to the USA, this is on my bucket list.

  4. With that wing up that high and that far back it's going to wheelie way easy. Bring that wing forward at least.

  5. That was cool. I dig that truck but can't stop thinking about that giant wing with all that angle on it and how it's probably making him power wheelie. I think if it was a little less dramatic of a wing he would probably even be faster. Still liked the look of it though. 🤙👍

  6. What was that ( 3rd pass ) suicide doors. That thing is bad to the bone, literally because that frame work is amazing!

  7. I figured yall got a lot more footage of this event.. fucker went on until the sun came back out damn near.. whole lotta drivers….

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