Quickest Diesel in the WORLD makes its LAST passes ever

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FirePunk Diesel is a household name in the diesel racing world as it is the quickest diesel ever. 3.99 @ 182mph in the 1/8 mile – achieved in 2021 by the FirePunk crew. We were lucky enough to see it at two different events this year, as well as seeing it’s last pass ever. We can’t wait to see what Firepunk’s new build will do!

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41 thoughts on “Quickest Diesel in the WORLD makes its LAST passes ever

  1. I love it when the Internet Safety Team comes out talking trash on a unit they will NEVER drive lol…The trans case they are using could probably take a direct hit from an armor piercing 50cal and not even care one iota… just sayin

  2. What a cool crew. Not taking chances, making incremental changes to the setup with the goal to improve the car. And wanting to learn how that stuff works along the way. This is the right mindset for going fast not just in a diesel but any drag racing car. 😎✌️

  3. When you were showing the GT350 with the sound bits it would have been better with the exhaust valves open. I see you had it in normal mode and valves are closed on that unless you manually open them and you can hear they were closed.

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