Record Holder RETURNS, 3500hp GTRs, Bad Wreck, & MORE! (TX2K23 Day 4)

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Well after a day of storms and no racing, we are back at TX2K for Day 4 and ready to rock with the Drag Racing classes. With everything from 9 second heavy weights to 6 second chassis cars – there is no shortage of entertainment in today’s highlight video!

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TX2K23 Day 1:
TX2K23 Day 2:
TX2K23 Day 3: Rained out πŸ™
TX2K23 Day 4:
TX2K23 Day 5:

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44 thoughts on “Record Holder RETURNS, 3500hp GTRs, Bad Wreck, & MORE! (TX2K23 Day 4)

  1. Hate to say it but the mustang driver phenomenon held true here. The guy looked like he wrapped it up after getting squirrely but then forgot where the brake pedal was and drove into one wall just to bounce off and drive into the other wall. Looked like the worst example of car control I've ever seen.
    It was almost as if he shut his eyes and waited to hit the wall just to slow him down

  2. I thought that Mustang had it under control, and then it turned left again and straight into the wall. That sucks, but glad he was ok.

  3. Thank you Kyle πŸ‘ and crew .1320 πŸ™‹for the coverage of the big boys ,doing what they do best ❀️Go fast !! Burn GAS..God bless πŸ™

  4. Streetcar class lol. None of those cars look streetwise. Especially the mustang with 300 shift knobs and turbos outta the hood. Was baddas though

  5. The best community in the world is the car community we may have our ups and downs but our passion for cars and the people that inspire us will forever keeps us together, Rip little tony. I would do anything to be as great as him

  6. GT500 crash was viscous πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
    In general, the track acted kind of un-ideal for a lot of the cars, squirming and dancing around.

  7. A tarp system for the track would be nice. Could connect onto the no stop barriers. at least for the first 1/4 mile where they need all the traction.

  8. a πŸ’© GTR tries to go as fast as a 1.8 Civic AWD??? !!! Yeeehahhh! Wow, SO amazinggg… Suddenly, GTRs seem so overpriced, lol…πŸ˜†

  9. The Little Tony speech had me tearing up and that Supra sounded emotional. But the guy at the end falling made me laugh a little and now my gf is looking at me weird cause I'm crying and laughing at the same time. Race in peace Tony. Say hi to Ken and Paul for usβ€οΈπŸ‘‘

  10. I can only imagine with qualifying being so short how messed up the brackets would end up being… gonna be some heavy hitters with slow times or in the wrong class

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