Repairs for Mrs. Murder Nova’s K5 Blazer + a Look at What’s Coming Up at 187 Customs!

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Replacing the water pump and fixing the lighting on Mrs. Murder Nova’s 1987 K5 Blazer! Plus a look at what else is going on in the shop!

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44 thoughts on “Repairs for Mrs. Murder Nova’s K5 Blazer + a Look at What’s Coming Up at 187 Customs!

  1. Do you look back and say to yourself and say …… what the fu** we got no oil pressure we should shut it down . Noo not Shawn leter rip tater chip

  2. Add air scoops and ducts. The hose on center section to blow the air through the veins. Not on the rotor surface is best. Wet dry vac attachment is the air scoop. Check out track car builds

  3. If the trailer and brakes are set up for 17.5 and your running 22.5s, that's your problem. What's the weight difference in the wheels. It's just burning your undersized break pads up

  4. I work at a part store try looking at a 2002 ford E550 with a 7.3l diesel they have an 8 lug even spaced lug pattern. Im not 100% sure but i figured they might work for you

  5. 1)Does everyone pulling a race trailer in NPK have these break problems???
    2)Can you put a new manufacturers heavy duty axles, rotors and breaks on your trailer?
    Just redesign and upgrade the whole thing!
    Good luck guys!
    Looking forward for NPK 7, good things are going to happen for you guys!

  6. Hi Guys I would never have air over hydronic brakes and I’m ex Trucker ,,find a conversion to full air ..Or go to drum brakes less headaches keep your chin up and let’s go in 2004 I feel a few wins coming cheers 🙏❤️😀💪👍🇦🇺🦘🇺🇸💰💰💰💰

  7. Southwest trailer should have a wheel nut socket,it will be a stamped steel with 3/4 drive square for ratchet.their a little thinner,but will work on pulling the nuts in hub out.

  8. I don't know how you can afford to do all this stuff. I understand you get paid to do what you do. But, thank you for our entertainment. I love the U-tube and the shows. I will never stop watching and buying merchandise.

  9. Grainger, McMaster-Carr, AG supply carry 2 1/2” or 64mm 1” drive sockets. Grainger or McMaster-Carr will ship usually you’ll will have in two days I’ve ordered up to 3 1/2” sockets from them before I retired never had a problem getting sockets from them, try one of them it beats spending all day running around wasting time and never finding what you want. The size socket you needed usually cost about $60-$90 it’s a lot for just one specific job but when you need it you need it.

  10. Think of this one hemi exploding equals 3 small blocks worth of explosions and get another primary engine and a couple backup engines and on the side of caution you know that they can go 85 passes no problem and change them out at 85 passes and the block could have had a bad casting pour that some impurities and enough thermal cycles finally caused it to say here’s my 6 second notice

  11. Hey guys, you should look up "MAN AXLES." we used them as trailing axels on buses, and it works great. Keep up the great work. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  12. yo yo from the uk
    why dont you put line locks on each rear axl for them to be locked off if you ever had this problem on the road, so if you see a broken/cracked rotor you can lock the break line so you wouldnt e
    get more damage than just a rotor replacement
    just an idea
    peace from london uk

  13. Somewhere around 2000 Ford changed their 8 lug pattern, so the Kodiak rotor has the earlier 8 lug pattern that all used to have, For, Dodge and GM.
    I would think that maybe the older Ford E-250 rotor might work like the Kodiak except for the pattern.🤔

  14. Man talk about morons!! It just a water pump !! lol just had put it out there !!!! You got all the Snap-on mechanic tools !! Then you say “ I’m not a mechanic “ 😂😂😂

  15. So as soon as you said the dimmer switch is in the column I said no. So it’s 3 mins in and I can tell you it’s down on the exterior of the column on the left side and is controlled by a rod like the ignition switch. But make sure it’s not just the rod being stuck. It happens. So northern tool sells a 2.5” 3/4 drive socket for $25 and not solid poo is easy do you have a water hose if not find a bucket. Just wash it down.

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