Shopping Go Kart Gets a New Turbo!

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46 thoughts on “Shopping Go Kart Gets a New Turbo!

  1. Those Honda clone mtrs do have a oil pump even if it's the cheaper KLX desighn with pushrod. It still has to oil the rockers , cam and cam bearings as well as timing chain . There is a valley in the cylinder that carries pressurized oil from the gear oil pump up to topend.

  2. You would like to rewire that thing and clean it out real good! Wire the pump together with the ignition to be safe. A proper throttle and clutch cable would also be good. Even get the engine modded(but get a good Honda motor instead, with all the K's and B's tuned and boosted :D)

  3. Sorry to hear that you got your stuff stolen. It's unfortunate that bad things happen to good people like yourself but it is refreshing to see someone not go on a rant but just say that shit happens and then you move on.

  4. Times get hard and life throws you lemons but you seem to be able to bounce back and keep right on running with everything. Thats a very very awesome trait to have. i hope to go to cleetus and cars this time. i didnt get to go the last few times it was here in Tx but i hope i can go this time and get to meet all you guys. I really enjoy all of your vids! I watch cleetus too as much as possible. Great content, love the rawness! Keep up the good work! Hope to meet all yall soon!

  5. I bought a MacBook Pro from a computer store about 2 years ago it was their latest model and I knew I was gonna need it in the near future. A month or so later I went to update it and it needed an admin passsword. When I bought it, it worked fine. figured it was just logged into an unprotected account and since it was a computer shop I wasn’t worried about getting fucked. Well after some research I found out it was stolen when some asshole broke into a women’s house. Long story short she didn’t want it back because she already had a new one and was generous to understand my situation and helped me out. Don’t stop looking is what I’m getting at. You may be able to get this person and get some justice served. Really sucks that shitty people still resort to stealing. Hope the best for recovering your property.

  6. hey there Kyle guy, sorry to hear about your truck being broken into but that is partly your fault. You know it is not a good idea to leave expensive Electronics in a vehicle locked or unlocked especially if left in plain view through the window of that vehicle. Your best bet would be when you get your new cameras computer and other equipment find somebody who's smart enough to install you hidden GPS tracker chips inside of your device is so if they ever do become missing or stolen you can track them but if somebody decides to take apart set Electronics they would not be able to disable the GPS trackers. Also it's a good idea for you to get an insurance plan on your electronics and expensive property other than Vehicles. You're at that point where you have enough money Revenue time and produced media that it would be worth it in the long run.

  7. You probably get this a lot,

    I’d love to make you a new intro with up to date footage from your channel.

    Studying Media at the moment 🙂

    BIG PP

  8. I think Karma is a true thing and you have been doing nothing but trying to improve your life by racing different types of vehicles and building race cars at your guys shops! Whoever stole that backpack is going to inherit the bad luck you think you have been carrying! And who knows maybe you can track it down like that guy said about the Apple tracking app or something. Good luck and God bless and keep the content coming!

  9. If anything start a go fund me account if we all sent you a dollar you would have more then enough to get all your equipment I know it doesn’t replace what was on your computer.

  10. Seems abit sus. If someone stole your macbook you can go onto icloud an find it.

    go to the iCloud website and log in with your Apple ID. After clicking on the “Find My iPhone” icon, you should see a map interface and a dropdown menu on the top. Use that menu to choose your missing Macbook. If your Mac is turned on and has an active internet connection, it should show up.

  11. That's a bummer man I don't know I'll apples operate on just know there's applications where your stuff could go to cloud storage right away only advice I have man keep it up

  12. Cool the shopping cart is bck an running good 👍 Also sorry to hear that some low life piece of sh*t broke into your truck and stole your stuff bro. Hope karma gets them and you get your stuff back… PFiSpeed/BoostedBoiz Rcks!!!🤜🤛😎

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