SKETCHY Colorado Castle Burnout PARTY! + Tons of Carnage! | Race Week Day 5

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We’re still in Pueblo Colorado for Day 5! Before hitting the track we explored a crazy hand built castle and things quickly escalated! Tons of epic burnouts in the middle of the forrest next to the incredible Bishop Castle. Once we got to the track we saw TONS of carnage. Race Week is getting brutal for many, while others are running killer passes! Tomorrow is another truly torturous test with a 420 mile drive to Kearney, NE! We’ll see who makes it for the last day of Rocky Mountain Race Week!

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30 thoughts on “SKETCHY Colorado Castle Burnout PARTY! + Tons of Carnage! | Race Week Day 5

  1. Please clean the street at the castle! It looks like sh*t!! Did you all graffiti all the castle also? Stupid Kids!!SMFH!

  2. Love the coverage!! thank you for your hard work.
    one question, when you say something like fastest in 'its' class, could you point out what class that is? i sometimes forget or don't know & it would be super helpful for keeping an overview. big up kyle & crew!

  3. Why would the security team allow a bunch of people to get around a car like that? Then "chase them away" for 20 mins? Was the team asleep at the wheel or in cahoots?

  4. Good thing that place has security. But why didn't they call the police if they chased em through 4 parking lots. I would've called swat, fbi, all the three letter organizations. 😂😂😂😂

  5. Why don't you guys cover the motorcycles also? Those guys are crazy. They only have 1 person to do it all. I am a rider and racer also and know it's tough to race, then ride hundreds of miles.

  6. Lol I'm from Pueblo and that story about the red foxbody that almost got stolen was pretty funny to hear. Yeah Pueblo is by far the biggest crime town in the state! You don't wanna live there at all organized crime there is so big and nothing to play with. 😅

  7. Michigan drags this weekend big money up for grabs 💪 should be a good weekend for the boys and gals and it's live on YouTube finally drags 🥳🍻

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