Street Racing in front of POLICE | Stockholm Open MOVIE

Due to some complications, this insane street racing footage from the Stockholm Open 2017 has never seen the light of day, until NOW! Stockholm Sweden has the craziest street racing we have ever had to privilege to be a part of! Stopping all traffic and getting races off all over the city, even right in front of the police! These guys are HARDCORE. See what makes Stockholm Sweden home to the CRAZIEST street racing in the world!

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Author: avnblogfeed


43 thoughts on “Street Racing in front of POLICE | Stockholm Open MOVIE

  1. Actual awnser to the craziest street racing in the world japan. Drag racing is fine and all but it’s some light to light pussy shit compared to the full throttle down hill street drifting they do on the togue I’m an American we love drag but it’s stupid compared to togue style

  2. It's amazing some time in the street car world no matter what is going in world… Brings everbody together no matter what color or race all family that's dope to me…….. ✌️

  3. Please go back and do this again…. My dad and I watched this when you released it the first time and the whole time he just kept saying how the street outlaw guys didn’t have shit on these dudes. That they were at least REAL street cars (having to drive to the races, vs trailering in giant enclosed trailers)..
    Pretty awesome stuff

  4. WOW!!!! What a great video. This is the coolest race on the planet. 1320, you did an awesome job! That frikkin' Volvo, Mustang II and a few of the others, just so cool to see the passion for speed and taking what you've got and making it go fast. Can't wait for the next one!!!!!

  5. I want to go to Scandinavia so bad, mainly Sweden though. A lot of my favorite bands are from Sweden. Had no clue they got down like this, what more could you ask for? Let's see they have some of the best scenic views on this planet, they get wicked northern lights, they have beautiful women, great Viking history, some of the best black metal, melodic death metal, and death metal! They love their metal as much as they love racing metal. It's so organized, no egos getting in the way, everyone getting along to see some racing the way it's supposed to be done. It used to be fun when I was a teen and in my early 20s. Back before all the dip shits started ruining the underground racing scene. Now you just have street take overs, ppl driving pos cars doing donuts in the intersection. There's always someone getting hurt, shot at or stabbed. At least we have a legit strip to go to in the middle of the Metroplex. It's not the streets, but at least you'll find some real racers there.
    Used to be able to drive up and down I-35E in Dallas between 635 down to Empire Central. The main meet up spots were Walnut Hill, Royal Ln, and Northwest Highway. You could race down the interstate where it splits into 183 by the old Texas Stadium, down loop 12, and there were a lot of warehouses with quarter mile stretches west of I-35E. Every Sat there would be a long line of ppl. Cops run ppl off, then go to the next spot, and spend the entire night racing. It's no longer like that, all I ever here about are these street takeovers. So ppl confuse legit racers for those fucktards. Its been yrs since I've seen some legit street racing, they gotta still be doing it somewhere, Your safest bet is to hit the strip where they let you race your mom's miata if you want. Too many shitty drivers in Dallas at night.

  6. Love that all the cars are super dated its like Sweden is behind in parts technology but above the rest in the balls department i almost feel like they have kept an older era of street cars alive!!!!! Very nostalgic!

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