Super Bowl of Drag & Drives! Jeff Lutz RETURNS! | Sick Week Day 0

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It’s that time of year again! Sick Week 2024 is off to a cracker of a start! Day 0 is test and tune/tech so not everyone made a pass but those who did got us excited! Possibly the most exciting is Jeff Lutz coming back and ripping off 2 low 6’s! The passes weren’t even clean so we’re hoping to see some 5’s this week! The variety of cars, the level of competition, and tropical Florida is a recipe for the ultimate drag and drive experience and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

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32 thoughts on “Super Bowl of Drag & Drives! Jeff Lutz RETURNS! | Sick Week Day 0

  1. im all for fast cars but after jeffs pass you see them pulling valve covers and going through alot of trouble then driving 1000 miles on top of it i think is just too much time,work and money for just bragging rights and a little cash pay out if you win i prefer the acutal real street legal full body cars doing 8s and 9s thats just how i feel about it i know im gona get hate for saying it

  2. Love the drag and drive event coverage like this you guys have an amazing channel 1320 video is hands down one of the best if not the best channel on YouTube when it comes to racing coverage

  3. Seeing "Crew Chief" makes me think that all the kids have something to look forward to! 😁 It's a title that represents responsibility, leadership, and the opportunity for growth and development. It's inspiring to see young individuals taking on such roles and contributing positively to their communities.

  4. Thank God that you guys at 1320 are still covering the event, even though Bailey/Frdm+ are!!! I live for these events each year, and can't wait until my wife and I can do one day in retirement. Are y'all going to do RM raceweek and 2.0 both this year? Please do! 💪😎🤙

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  6. We LUV that Tom has held the record for all these years BUT,, we LUV Jeff too. We can't help but hope Jeff takes that 5:99 and puts it away with a NEW door slamm'n 'streetable' ProMod record. I think Jeff Lutz will get'er dun. I remember watching Jeff along with others doing the Drag Week events in the mid 2000's. He did those events averaging 6's in his bronze or gold colored '57 for 2 years. It's Jeff's turn 🙂

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