SURROUNDED by Weird FWD European Cars.. and they’re surprisingly QUICK!

Venturing into foreign territory, we found ourselves surrounded by an exotic assembly of European cars rarely seen on U.S. roads. Though we struggled to pinpoint the makes and models of some of them, it was obvious these vehicles were going to be entertaining and fast!

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47 thoughts on “SURROUNDED by Weird FWD European Cars.. and they’re surprisingly QUICK!

  1. nothing beats 1.9tdi.. build like a tank from factory (4cyl diesel 2jz), holds 600+hp on stock internals (crank, rods, pistons, head gasket, head bolts) and very cheap with parts available everywhere.. sadly knowledge to make them fast easy (building/tuning) was spread only recently in few years back..
    in few years you will see trend of dsq (either dq or dl) 1.9tdi nitro/compound builds poppin before they fade out

  2. Being from Portugal I felt right at home! And that Polo representing my country! Nice work guys! Thank you for showing different things! 😍😍

  3. weird because you are american .but for me being from EUrope this cars move my heart ,,,,not to mention that they are fk fast for 4 cilinder

  4. Thank you for covering all these interesting and unusual builds. Whats up with 4 cyl diesels over there lol, 9s, really? 😅

  5. Well, now you yank mouth-breathers know how we feel watching pretty much every single 1320 video with all those WEIRD, heavy, low-tech USDM cars that never were exported because they're so shitty.

  6. I'd give anything for a 1st gen escort, i love them. My first car was a 87 escort GT us spec of course. My uncle built the engine and it had a turbo and intercooler off a 86 svo mustang. I was running a turbo car before turbos were ever a normal thing and i beat so many Mustangs & Camaros that had no idea what was going on until i popped the hood. It's the only car i wish i had back.

  7. I remember my first trip to mind was blown by all the cars i had never heard of. So many cool cars americans didn't have, it was a nice surprise because it was not something i thought about before i got there.

  8. Great video, haven't been to the pod since before covid. Must go back as we only live 1.30 hours away. Just to let you know that the Renault 5 WAS available in the US. It was called the "Le car". Unsurprisingly going up against the bigger cars it wasnt a great success. Also the Hillman Imp Stilleto, thats now got a front mounted V8 originally had a rear mounted water cooled engine. My wifes uncle has one fully restored but still in original spec.

  9. If the owner of the Fiat Punto GT is here I have an official FIAT pdf to share to improve the aerodynamics of the car.
    This is a series of aerodynamic studies to reduce the drag of the car and improve its cx. In addition to complimenting because I've been following his car at the Santa Pod for years.

  10. Why surprisingly? We understand refinement and don’t need 8000cc of pig iron engine to make 1000bhp. Also in standard form these things can take something called a corner? Don’t think U.S made cars are familiar with them, still using leaf springs 😂

  11. It's because in Europe these models are just ordinary pedestrian cars. Everyone had or has them. Because Europe is tightly populated and doesn't have huge & wide road infrastructure like in the USA – thus the cars are simply smaller. Now you know! 😁😎🤟

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