Tearing Down The Mr2’s Destroyed Engine



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  1. Time to have a maintenance program for the MR2, sounds like you plan to start a program. Make a coffee table of the MR2 motor for the shop. H-Pattern for competitive racing. Sequential for the next racecar and record chasing. Let's gooo!

  2. I honestly don't think the billet block is ready yet. I think you still need more runs to get the car fully set on a sleeved block before moving up. Imo

  3. NOOOOO!!!! H pattern cast block! that way you can use the cast block to sort out your shifting (3rd) while keeping the billet block in a box for now, then once you have that sorted ,billet block and the cast block can go into something stupid like a mustang or a Camaro, Silverado or better yet slam it into a hardbody!!!!!! the sky's the limit really

  4. I think the billet block has sat for long enough and time to run it, your running the risk of breaking another set of rods and pistons,crank ect for running a block what you already know the limit of, not only that having a weak block runs the risk of splitting mid pass making it sketchy for you at nearly 200mph I think for a safety aspect the billet block is the best route would hate to see it go down like that full send and moon tune 🤞🏻

  5. Two billet blocks! Limited runs before teardowns to maintenance whats needed, and one of you always work on the same bits n pieces as in one does oilchange and filterchange/check fully through. Dont rush anything, just work fast if needed and the same routine every time. Keep track of whats done and exactly when! Preferably write it down in a note book, not just logging rounds in the pc. Temperature of track, air, humidity, tire pressure, suspension settings, weight f/r and cornerweight, all settings of the engine, the lot! And above all things, dont ever forget to top up with fuel. So many has 😅

  6. Man I see people saying go Billet and I don't disagree but those blocks are EXPENSIVE AS FUCK so whatever you all do after the billet block please do whatever you can to keep her together because you all already have an entire house's worth of performance parts in there and if a billet block lets go without a TON of passes of it I'm going to fucking cry and I don't even know you all like that lol

    Either way I'll keep supporting you all till I'm dead in the ground but I agree with ol dude and it just doesn't make sense to keep throwing the baddest parts you can find at cast blocks and just waiting for the worst to happen because it could exxxxplode next time and fuck up damn near everything in the engine worst case. But I have an idea…

    So maybe you all could have that other cast block as a last min backup "for fun" engine kind of deal and just throw some mid tier parts at it and then if it lets go it's not absolutely devastating and lets say you all are doing another grudge match or something where you didn't need to go a 7 or as fast as possible and were just taking the MR2 out for fun more stuff like other Cleeter events or the drag and drive events or whatever and it could be more like when you first built the MR2 and still have a FULL KILL billet race engine for the stickshift classes… You could swap to the "fun mid tier engine" and keep the fully upgraded engine for record breaking and break neck speed and the other engine for doing 9's and treat it more like the Hatch or the side kick and then if that lets go who cares and you're not hammering the full race engine with every single pass you guys want to do. IDK I'm just spit balling but I was just thinking about what you could do with the backup cast engine for when you all pull the trigger on the billet. That way you all could take the MR2 to the fun events and then when you're ready to class race with the big dogs swap into the billet block Fast AF engine and that way your not just flushing giant buckets of cash down the tubes for Cleetus and cars because the last thing I want is for you all to go broke full sending it for the OG's. Then you could have some other mid tier things that would be easier to change out like tires and a turbo and keep the sequential with the cast block since you would have two engine and trans setups and then you all could just drop the race motor out and swap into the "for fun" engine and it has all of its own parts and trans to make it as painless to swap in and out of and so if shit breaks it's not for Cleetus and Cars or doing burnouts. Idk just a thought but I think it would be cool to have a mid 9's low 10 version like when you all first built it and a race engine you throw the moon tune at for breaking records and stick shift racing that way you wouldn't have to have worry every single pass about something breaking if you wanted to do more fun stuff with the MR2 since you all already have the record. I know it's probably not the spirit that you all built the MR2 for but I'd rather be able to have fun with the car like I was saying OR park it and save it for serious race time only and just have take the other cars to the fun events and the drag and drive stuff. Either way I love the MR2 I've got one of the OG shirts from back when it was still twin turbo and I love wearing it and love what you guys have done with the car as all I want is if you go billet just keep her together bois <3

  7. Just do it bro H pattern is the way bro u said like 5 times just do it and keep the sequential for special real fast occasions like World Cup and shit like that if there’s even a class for you

  8. Definitely go dry sump billet block. No point in risking the internals in a cast block. All risk no reward imo.

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