The SKETCHIEST Drag Strip in the United States?? (Wrecks EVERYWHERE!)

It’s no secret that Brown County Dragway is one of, if not the sketchiest 1/8 mile tracks in the United States. The track surface is full of bumps, undulations, and even..grass. Yes your read that right – there is a strip of grass going down 3/4 of the drag strip in between the lanes. Seems like a recipe for disaster..and it is. These questionable track conditions are what attract racers and fans alike as it makes for one hell of an entertaining event.

Truck wreck from our first war in the woods:

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45 thoughts on “The SKETCHIEST Drag Strip in the United States?? (Wrecks EVERYWHERE!)

  1. Hey wasn't war in the woods like in May or June? I ask because nick from hustlin horsepower isn't driving turbo John's mustang anymore right? Saw where they posted about the delay with posting this video.

  2. track is to small and should be outlawed tracks need to be bigger so drivers can correct themselves if the need comes up this is nothing but a smash fest and hurt drivers waiting to happen

  3. MAYBE THE DIP SHIT TRACK OWNER….Might think about REMOVING THE GRASS NOW… I guess the owner doesn't Race because if he did the GRASS WOULD BE….GONE..

  4. It’s a beautiful place to have a drag strip. More people should build em like this. Don’t really need to much land for the strip more for parking lol but so many cool places you could stick em

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