They drove 1,000 miles to GAP EVERYONE (Fastest FWD car in Poland)

This Opel Corsa was an unexpected treat that we saw while at Santa Pod Raceway as it was the fastest FWD from Poland and it looks completely unlike anything we see here in the United States. After traveling more than 1,000 miles, these guys put the hurtin’ on everybody in the front wheel drive class!

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20 thoughts on “They drove 1,000 miles to GAP EVERYONE (Fastest FWD car in Poland)

  1. This Polish guy reminds me when I just came to the US😂😂😂 my english was like “hi” “bye” that’s it😂 so I would always be like “YES YES YES YES”😂😂😂😂

  2. In australia FWDs are laughing stock, Hondas are also the biggest meme. That Polishcar is amaze balls. Wish some fast international FWD would come here and show our v8 rednecks how its done. They would smoke many rwds lol

  3. Wicked build and effort. Gives you props to starting off with a good power plant and keeping it simple in basic terms 🙂

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