Turbo Datsun DETONATES at the FINISH LINE (Close Race!)

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You really hate to see it.. a beautiful turbo Datsun running low 5’s pass after pass, showing promising signs of being a contender for the finals, when suddenly (on the closest race of the night) it’s head lets go and a fiery show at the end of the track ensues. We know this won’t be the last we see of this car!

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40 thoughts on “Turbo Datsun DETONATES at the FINISH LINE (Close Race!)

  1. 5teens and a SBF, im impressed. Mine has the same issue, every time it makes a PB it pushes a head gasket. Seems like it runs its best on coolant lol

  2. If he is running antifreeze, he is an idiot. Some tracks won't even let you run if you got antifreeze in your car. Except street tire class test and tune

  3. I’ve always been a GM guy and even long before the LS, but I have to say it’s awesome seeing in Ford engine in it. Every time I see one of those cars I just assume it’s got an LS.

  4. Judging by the numbers and know around what the car would way I would say more like 1000 whp + and I think it’s more then a head gasket I’d would say it hydro locked and bent a rod 5.0 in the future for sure

  5. That sux.Thats why I am happy running consistent 5:90s on the street with a NA pump gas big block daily driver. Easy on parts, cheap to build and0 maintain safer, and simply a hell of alot more fun😎

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