Week 1 of our Roadtrip To CASHDAYS! Testing with Fireball, Daddy Dave, Chuck, and more!

Here is part 1 of our road trip to one of the biggest street races to ever go down in the USA! We’ll try to update on this weekly and let you all know what we’ve been up to!

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Author: Rafael


45 thoughts on “Week 1 of our Roadtrip To CASHDAYS! Testing with Fireball, Daddy Dave, Chuck, and more!

  1. Really enjoyed seeing the 405 guys working together, helping each other get ready to race. Enjoy that a lot more than the arguing and bickering.

  2. Cover for the mic is a great addition I agree. You can see it's really windy there yet there's no wind noise whatsoever and you can hear every word clear as day as if you were talking inside. 👍

  3. Julesburg still Open? I raced there 30 years ago, first time I got my BB Chevelle into the 9s was at that track. Hear You guys gonna be running in my hometown.

  4. Love these videos. So glad to see you guys back in action. I’ve been binge watching this stuff for over 4 hours straight and can’t get enough.
    Try using a scotch brite dish cleaning pad with rubber bands around the mic for wind. It’s compact and works really well.

  5. I know one thing I wish putting tires on cars was that easy doing race car tires is like a piece of cake wish all tires were like that

  6. You know the current covid test is only accurate 47% of the time 53% of the time it’s false results those five negatives may all be false negatives watch you end up sick in about a week your throat sounds scratchy from your last video, you guys never get your tires hot enough to get a god hook that’s why your always taking power out a rolling burnout doesn’t really do anything but lay rubber on the ground if your not pushing over 3000HP if you is the 1500-2000 range you don’t have enough HP to heat the tires your just putting rubber on the road that’s it to get a good launch you want those tires HOT AND STICKY a standing burnout for 15-30 secs then roll out and you’ll hook every time no fail just about you gotta burnout more like a bracket car, doing a burnout on a tiny bit of VHT is so damn stupid it’s just a waste of good VHT use water or just do a dry burnout same results that’s basically all you guys are doing is dry burnouts that’s shot y’all put on the ground does not help any at all it just a waste of money and VHT it’s stupid, that’s not a damn road it’s a road converted to a race track or else there wouldn’t be a Christmas tree there that road looks like it’s on track property it’s probably, in Memphis street outlaws they race in Millington TN on veterans parkway they don’t race in Memphis I used to live in Millington they race not too far from Memphis motorsports park because the ppl that live around there are used to hearing drag racing all night long from the motorsports park I lived about 7 miles from the track you could hear the cars at my house if you went out on the porch so the police would defiantly know street racing is happening haven’t y’all notice anytime someone mentions the police they show up and nothing happens they just get told to go home they say that a running gag on the show like when they first built the dung beetle and we’re testing it an farm guy said I hope the police don’t come that things load then they show up and let them go when they should have been arrested and vehicles impounded licenses suspended etc y’all have ppl thinking they can go race anywhere they want and the police won’t do anything but tell you to stop it that only happens on your guys shows because the police block the roads for you so you can race I don’t know how many times the cameramen have caught a shot of a cop sitting at the end of the road they try to hide it but don’t do very well

  7. Thanks for keeping your fans updated. Really enjoy watching you race. Hope you finish in the top spot. Bring home that cash for your family man. And thank you for having this channel.

  8. I love how you run this channel just the way you are and I think it’s great how you keep it real and don’t put street outlaws into it👊🏻

  9. i have watched every single 187 customs movies .shawn is my fav racer . i was a big chief fan but lost intrest in him . shawn seems like a down to earth guy . tell him i said hi ty for posting vids

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