WORLD CUP FINALS DAY 2 – We Hurt Leroy’s BRAND NEW Engine With Such a Silly Mistake… Heartbreak!!!

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This was a huge bummer for the team… we had such high hopes this morning but one silly mistake and Leroy is out of the race. Good thing is Mullet is running good and we think we have Ruby fixed for today!

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47 thoughts on “WORLD CUP FINALS DAY 2 – We Hurt Leroy’s BRAND NEW Engine With Such a Silly Mistake… Heartbreak!!!

  1. Just to clarify I'm the one who put the bell housing on… We moved all the lines out of the way, then had to pull it back out to adjust something, just pinched the one line on the way back in. 100% my fault. At least it still runs so we will get some rods and pistons and get him back 100%.

  2. When I was working on heavy plant we used to say we've had a visit from the fuckup fairies I think that's what's happened to Leroy hope your not going to get too many visits

  3. I don't get Cleetus' use/lack of use of his facemask. It's typically down when running the open cockpit car. I think it was FL2K when he was running as fast as 220 MPH in the El Camino and didn't use the facemask during any of four runs. Here is going through the traps at 217 MPH and pulls the facemask down briefly. It's fine when the car runs straight with no issues, but we all know there's no guarantee that will always be the case.

  4. Hey if you want diesel boost build you one. Kidding and hate it for you and team. I still don't think it could spin away that quick once caught via controller.

  5. Just me patiently waiting on the next video ABSOLUTELY REFUSING to watch the spoilers other channels have dropped. It honestly kinda pisses me off!

  6. Bro don't even trip. I know for a fact that nobody is worried about whether or not you got to go down the track with Leroy. It's the first time you've got it back on the track since you've started rebuilding it. Hey not everybody gets it right the first time guys should be proud cuz it's a magnificent machine that you guys built

  7. Dont apologize who gives a shit man. Id be pissed too cause it was something that shouldnt of happened but did we have all been there. Just move on and from now on always check you dome sensor line lol. Id just be apologizing to TSP. And for any fan pointing fingers and the blame should kick rocks yall ain't perfect either. Question why did you put your visor down mid track lol

  8. I think you need to involve KSR a bit more. I know they are not near you, but at least send the cars up there for finalization if not full builds. Mullet is the best car in the fleet, and Kevin did that. If you have a car you just built, where you can pinch the boost line by installing a transmission, sorry, but then you need to reevaluate how things are done. Ty does great work, but it seems like he needs someone to lead the projects.

    Would be cool to see an SML for Leroy and an SMX for Mullet. Then swap the BBC long block into the Blazer and put the blower on it.🙂

  9. Should have something in the programming that if the dome is zero it knows to cut the ignition. It should almost never be completely zero so it should flag something.

  10. Watching old Leroy vids from first passes aug 4th 2017 snaking like a bitch in junk tyres at 146mph ! U were so stoked and Ur voice sounds like it's just broken 🤣

  11. Well I don't know how exactly I would have dealt with that myself. You had racing mechanics put that trans back in and then to find that hose stuck in there…. yea. Cuz that stuff can't happen.

  12. Cleet has continued to come around to the fact that LS motors are not good for big power. There likely won't be any in anything but Freedom Factory stuff before too long. Wasting too much time and money with them.

  13. Seeing how hurt you are, appologizing to Texas speed.. Dude, got to me! I have no words for how much I respect how you deal with these situations and admit when you're wrong or have some human error. Shit happens, brother! Best of luck with Leroy!

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