ZOMBIE is a 110mm Turbo Mazdaspeed3 No Prep MONSTER

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We took a trip down to Hartshorne, Oklahoma for H-Town Throwdown! This event is the type of racing we LOVE! It’s a no prep race on the STREET and the town is more than cool with it, they love it! More and more serious cars show up every year and it’s quickly becoming one of our favorites. Among the many unique cars that showed up, we stumbled upon Zombie. This is far from your typical Mazdaspeed3. 110mm turbo, LS, RWD, etc. The car suffered a bad wreck some years back and it’s now back from the dead! A Zombie!

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47 thoughts on “ZOMBIE is a 110mm Turbo Mazdaspeed3 No Prep MONSTER

  1. Why no import vs domestic coverage?!?! You guys are the one group I look forward to getting quality videos of that event and I’m watching a video about a Mazda speed instead

  2. I love how I saw some f1 climate control ad on here. I’m not an expert in f1 emissions but how much could a dang 1.6L v12 put out lol. I know they’re gangster like that for stroke purposes and high rpm.

  3. 2:12 "It was a perfect car when I first bought it"
    | proceeds to show this man doing two kart wheels of excitement after pedaling down that fox body |
    "pulled the body off of it and the chassis was fine"

    I used to wonder what people seen in these turbo Mazda 3's but it's God, God is in the chassis of that car.

  4. i was about to say if he kept that 2.3L 4 cyl he would win but nvm the LS swap to RWD was one of the most smartest choices LMAO. A 1.5k HP 2.3L to AWD/RWD built refurbished motor isnt even worthy of those v8 LS motors that can go over 2-3k hp 🤣

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