13B Datsun’s Interior Makeover – Fab & My First Powdercoating!

I had adventurous goals…but I’m still stoked on the outcome!
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50 thoughts on “13B Datsun’s Interior Makeover – Fab & My First Powdercoating!

  1. I bet this experience is making Adam appreciate the talented people around him that much more. Everyone has their part to play.

  2. Came out pretty cool! Powder wise it looks like your having a hard time getting it to the metal. You should be shooting from farther away and with a much bigger cloud. With the right settings you should cover that part really quickly and evenly. Use a flashlight to find light spots before baking, you will be able to see the metal through the powder.

  3. I am amazed Cleetus didn't put his head through that back panel when the chair let go on him, I laugh at that every time I see the Datsun.

  4. Imagine you guys start stocking drag racing equipment That would be great.
    adam lz the search for 7s adam lz World Cup finals take over the Motorsport world baby

  5. Adam, as a professional fabricator if you use red scotchbrite to remove the scratches then a grey scotchbrite with wd-40 it makes a perfect dull aluminum look. Just make sure you keep a consistent grain for the metal to follow

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