1996 Ford F-150 No Start with ScannerDanner-EricTheCarGuy

1996 Ford F-150 No Start with ScannerDanner-EricTheCarGuy

ScannerDanner and EricTheCarGuy are back again this time solving a no start condition on a 1994 Ford F-150. This time I wouldn’t let him use his fancy expensive scanner and to be honest it was no problem for ScannerDanner because he understands the fundamentals. It’s really great to work with ScannerDanner because he knows so much about these systems and how they operate, I learn something every time we work together. So please enjoy this no start diagnosis with nothing more than a spark tester, a DVOM, and a test light.

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Also check out ScannerDanners book on diagnosis, in a word it’s awesome.


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42 thoughts on “1996 Ford F-150 No Start with ScannerDanner-EricTheCarGuy

  1. I get spark, like a lot, i can start it in the morning drive it around maybe 30 mins to a hour cut it off and try to restart and all it will do it turn over and over and over if i let it sit 1-3 hours it restarts, sometimes i can get a good 4-5 hours drive time in it before it does it but I replaced….. ignition module, ignition key lock, ignition switch, ignition coil, distributor rotor and cap, today was weird because it was maybe 50 degrees 7am when i started it and it would not start this morning I looked at to distributor rotor once that happen and it needed to be cleaned I hit it with sand paper and started right up, I replaced distributor rotor and cap once i got off work today and she would not start but once again getting spark I gave it 3 hours and she started right up.. Im at a loss at this point no mechanic wants to mess with it so im on my own here. Im thinking now it could be Crankshaft sensor or coolant sensor but after this morning Im leaning away from the coolant sensor I hope yall can help or point me in a right direction I have put so much money into this truck for it to still not be running correctly and besides this issues its grate and basically still a baby

  2. Finally after 2 years I found what is the problem on my f150. Thank you so much guys y’all earn a new subscriber.

  3. I have a 96 F-150. Same situation. The wire from the ECM to the distributor is a shielded wire that after time will break down (shielding) due to heat. When it does the wire shorts out and there is no signal — no ignition — no start. This is a Ford service bulletin that the Ford dealer that charged me $600.00 missed. It was an independent garage that finally fixed it.

  4. I have a 95 f150 that starts fine cold. After the engine comes up to operating temp it will not crank start but will drift start instantly. I don't know where to look

  5. I got a 08 Cadillac dts no spark on coil on plugs I have battery voltage ground signal and low ref going to the coils is it possible all 8 coils are burnt up ? what am I missing 🤪🤪

  6. Holy shit. I just realized I first watched this almost 9 years ago… Both Eric and Paul look so much younger!

  7. My friend has the exact same truck / motor and it stalls out periodically ,when He mentioned periodically it’s like one day he’ll be at a light then it stalls , but starts right up and drives fine but 4 days later he’ll be driving then it stalls . Can these simple test point me in the right direction to make the repair. Cheers

  8. Okay now I have a problem that has me scratching my head…I have a 94 f150 with the 5.8. I'm getting spark and fuel but it won't even cough when I spray starting fluid in the throttle body. I've replaced the pcm about 2 months ago, the ignition module around the same time. After I replaced the computer it ran relatively decent but had a miss. Now it sat for 2 months and it cranks but doesn't turn over even though it's getting spark and fuel. I even held the throttle to the floor and nothing not a burp. Any idea what it could be? Thank you for any help you can give

  9. Watched this video, got all fired up, went to the truck to do the test, but did'nt get far, I didn't have any voltage on the top wire, no matter how hard I tried, nothing, can you suggest what to do next. Just bought the truck and it stopped on the way home, very frustrating.

  10. FYI, while testing my current flip truck, another way to test is use the LED light just like he did, but crank at the same time. If it stays solid, PIP is bad, if it switches on and off, PIP is good

  11. Seeing as how you guys even referenced the full name of the TFI I felt it necessary to correct you guy in that It's not a crank sensor it's an ignition pickup.

  12. Awesome video on electrical diagnosis. Wanted to share a recent rv rental incident that i touched positive terminal to nearby metal in trying to reset the computer for check engine light. After that millisecond touch and a spark the rig won’t start. It’s a 2013 Mercedes sprinter 3500 diesel. I was told the communication and fuel module fried. I wish I could diagnose and fix the no start. Had to rent a car and leave rv there for towing to a dealership. Electrical diagnosis and fix seems crucial for mechanics.

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