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In this video I get into a misfire and check engine light on this 1997 Nissan Altima. The misfire codes are P0100 MAF sensor, P0325 Knock Sensor, and P0304 Misfire cylinder #4. The engine also runs rough at idle. I go through the steps of it’s diagnosis, find the problem, and come back after the repair. The actual repair of this vehicle will take place in another video (next week), this video covers how I found out what was wrong with this Altima. Engine performance issues can be tricky to nail down but with a little time, patients, and some diagnostic know how, I’m sure you’ll be able to overcome any engine performance issue.

Here’s a link to the repair video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKFJxnn4IIQ

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25 thoughts on “1997 Nissan Altima Misfire Diagnosis -EricTheCarGuy

  1. I've found that un-metered or pirate air on these 90s cars actually causes the engine to run rich. The engine will detect that something is wrong because the oxygen sensor will show lean running despite the "correct" amount of fuel being put in, so to protect the engine the computer will dump in loads of extra fuel to compensate.

  2. Eric i honestly have to say i love watching your videos your perfect explanation and step by step on how to fix procedure, take care buddy.

  3. Wow, I had an F150 that I loved. I got rid of it because of an P0304 that I could not find, I live in an Emissions State. The symptoms are the same. I knew it had an exhaust leak, but at 267k, this is something I didn't think of or check.

  4. speedy1- Hi Eric can You tell Me if the alternator on a 2000 maxiam connect's to the cam assembly cover or the head as I broke the connection – Is there any repair for it or not ?

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  6. Thank you Eric. This is perfect instructions. Appears to be identical with whats going on. Im rough around the edges. I appreciate y'all giving this much needed help.

  7. Tell u what I'm not a mechanic but I did the same thing as you as far as hearing the miss pin pointing which cylinder was missing. Through my own various tests because I don't have a computer to hook up, so parts changing I went new wires, plugs ,cap and rotor button. Got it a little better but didn't fix it. I don't know anything about feul injectors so u you talk to me a little bit about that with your video and I much appreciate it. So I was at a lost only thing left to change is coilpacks a little bit high on the price for me so stop there and thought I would just get a mechanic. Ugh. But a technician buddy of mine told me he didn't feel a skip driving and told me it's wasn't missing. Wrong he is but he's a diesel mechanic won't hold that against him. So that got me to thinking about that vacuum leak I thought I heard weeks before the car started messing really bad but couldn't find. Don't have any ether to test with so I hit the internet for common problems for the 1999 Nissan Altima and so be it a rough idle is the number 1 problem caused by a vacuum leak on the intake manifold gasket . So found your video on YouTube trying to see how to take it off because like I said I've never messed with feul injectors before or fuel pumps. So I appreciate the videos a lot and wish me luck on replacing mine I can't wait for the fun

  8. If we use water instead of carburetor cleaner to find vacuum leaks, how do we know we find a leak, does rpm go up, down, engine shakes?

  9. Hey are you still monitoring this thread? Could use some help here. I have a 99 altima and the scan tool says it's ready fir testing, but the EVAP monitor is INC and I have a mode $06 fail on
    CID $04
    N/A 255 199 FAIL
    I can't find any info on this except possibly on the "International Automotive Technicians Network" but I'm no auto tech so I can't join their club. (i hate clubs anyway)  so since you stated you know Nissan's well, can ya answer this for me? What the hell does that data mean? thanks
    BTW nice blow it on this car. shows the learning curve were all on. 8*)

  10. My knock sensor went bad. The code said to replace the sensor. Does that mean that the sensor is bad or that theres an actual knock? I have acceleration issues all the way up to 3k rpm.

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