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So while I was doing an oil change the other day I found that the axles on my Subaru Legacy were quite loose on their mounts. I thought the easiest thing to start with was to replace the axles and recheck for the condition. I had read somewhere where aftermarket axles had caused a hesitation on acceleration and wondered if my loose axles could be causing that condition for me. Replacing the axles didn’t solve the hesitation problem but it did make for some good video on the process. I also hope to go back and see how to set the preload on the carrier bearings, that will be in another video. Till then enjoy this axle installation video.

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  1. I know this video is old but I have a 1997 Subaru legacy gt 2.5l sedan. I'm replacing the cv axles because they make lots of noise when turning and have been going out for a while. I'm getting the parts from a local parts store for 94 bucks after core exchange. That's for both of the front ones. They are remanufactured and have a warranty. I'm replacing both of them very soon. Thanks to your video. I have the confidence I can do this myself. I'm borrowing some tools from a mechanic buddy . like the 32mm socket, impact, and braker bar. So its saving me hundreds of dollars. Thanks for the video. There's not really much on YouTube about 1997 Subaru legacy's.

  2. If u kept all video this way old style, you would have more subscribers then it is . They were straight forward. Now all about talk blablablabla

  3. I use an old 10" 1/4" extension and place the roll pin in the female end. It keeps it captive while you hit the other end of the extension

  4. Did this job on an 03 Olds Alero. That thing had those stub shaft adapters. One side went slick and easy. The other side…fought me every step of the way. At least once done the car drove better, both sides were shot.

  5. I think your video was hundred!!! way better than any other videos out there on axle replacement at least.

  6. Does anyone know if a cv axel from a 97 will work for a 2001? Both are legacy! The 97 is auto and the 2001 is a manual and I'm trying to put the one on the 97 on the 01 !!

  7. have only just begun watching
    Is it just the rear CVs that have pins locking them into the diff? My coworker Just told me about that, as my new (Jap imported) legacy i bought for 80 needs 2 CVs O the LH side, amd a tyre to pass inspection
    Not bad for $80

  8. I have a '96 Subaru, which should be quite like this one. However, I have to take off some of the exhaust because they are under the inside of the CV joint. Why wasn't that an issue with this car or did he skip taking off the exhaust?

  9. I recently rebooted my 2009 subaru axles. Inner only. I forgot to mark everything to match bearings to races. Now I'm feeling notchy steering. How important is it to match everything up?

  10. My 99 subaru when is going 20 mph and shift to ne next I feel a push and hear a noise on the diver side. Yo think is trans. Issues or cv axle? Keep the good work Eric

  11. Pro tip: you can disable most Subaru seat belt alarms by turning the key until you hear the seatbelt chime, then buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt 20 times within 30 seconds. Then turn key to off position for 5 seconds. Then turn key until the seatbelt chime starts. The Sounds should cycle once and then it will stop. If you've done it correctly the seat belt light on the gauge cluster won't be lit after the first set of chimes. Your welcome

  12. Just did this over the weekend with my sons 2002 Subaru Forester, spot on. Thank you so much for this video. Thanks to this video, I went back to the store and bought a punch set to get the pin out and then back in, saving me a trip in the middle of the repair. Love your videos, clear and concise.

  13. Eric, I have also some play in differential and it looks like it locks when I turn wheels over the sides… Some idea?

  14. Eric thanks for the video. I just did both my fronts on a 1997 Legacy Outback and your video helped me finish both sides in just over an hour. I’ve never done CVs before. Thanks again.

  15. … only to discover the timing belt was off by one tooth! I'm about to do the belt on my '97 Outback Sport and am glad I watched your last video on the Legacy. You had this car for a long time!

  16. I have had a Subaru forester 1997 (automatic) from new, that has been great for all the years with very little to do other than annual services. However, recently I have had a lot of vibration & shuddering on the wheels when making tight turns (left or right). It is difficult to identify which wheels the noise or shudder comes from and I don't feel much through the steering wheel. I have had all differentials replace that has reduced the frequency but not always. We hope it isn't the automatic gear box but has anyone got any ideas what to do next.

  17. Definitely enjoyed that. I'm going to have to do an axel boot change at the very least on my Subaru Outback Limited 10/1998 MY-99 2.5 Litre wagon.
    Considering a front axel change out as they've done a lot of miles.
    But I'm definitely going to have to change at least one "front axle seal" on the transaxle as it's leaking a bit of fluid and I'm hoping it's fairly straight forward?
    Your videos are awesome for the home mechanic. 👌

  18. Hi I have 1999 legacy gt 2.5 I had larger tire in the front and now I'm not sure what's wrong the transmission gave out or (vs) the front differential. The car is jamed it has no reverse nor drive, and had disconnected the drive shaft for the rear tire wheel spin fine. Contact info ivan20rios@gmail.com

  19. I was watching newer subaru videos on how to replace your clutch dropping the trans only, and couldn't figure out why my axles weren't coming out, LMAO, thank you so much.

  20. Anyone have a clue as to where I can find aftermarket headlight for a 96 legacy L? Been looking and all I can find are stock models. Trying to get something with a black background.

  21. I've always taken out the axle by removing the bolts holding the wheel hub to the strut. I realize that you have to remove the top bolt which is a camber bolt which isn't recommended, but I've never had issues with uneven wear and what not by simply marking it and lining it up. Is there any other reason (other than the extra room of course haha) that you take off the ball joint instead of the strut tower?

  22. Hey Eric ,( or anyone who knows about Subarus) I was wondering if this would be any different for cars with ABS . I bought some axles for a non ABS 00 Impreza , but I know mine has ABS. Any ideas?

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