1997 Subaru Legacy JDM Headlight Installation

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We cleaned them and they turned out pretty good but then Cody Doughty sent me these great JDM headlights for my Subaru and I HAD to use them. The difference is amazing when I drive at night so thank you Cody. I hope this video also redeems me for the last video I did on soldering and shows that I really can solder wires together and do a decent job of rebuilding a harness and figuring out how to wire these things up.

Here are the links I promised

Lifting the vehicle

Soldering video

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47 thoughts on “1997 Subaru Legacy JDM Headlight Installation

  1. 97 legacy headlights will fit in a 1998. I know the 1997 are one piece with the sidemarkers integrated. The 98 and 99 the side marker and headlight were two separate pieces but they are plug and play and see overall fit and dimensions. Just FYI. Only thing different Is if you get projector style vs stock halogen

  2. Hey Eric, not sure if you still check on your account or not but figured I'd ask anyways. I got these headlights for my Legacy, and when I connected that one small wire from the right over to the main harness, my DRL's are still not getting power. Instead, my main lowbeams are getting like 30% power, then when I turn my lights on they get full power. They effectively are doing the same job, but I would love to get those DRL bulbs to light up. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Eric did you ever check the positioning of the headlights? Because in Japan they drive on the other side of the road and you might be blinding everyone coming the other way.

  4. I actually have a 98 Subaru Legacy, and plan on retrofitting the stock headlights. However, my current headlights are the 2-piece set for each side rather then just one whole headlight assembly. Where can I get those? Doesn't need to be projector JDM style, just want the 1 piece assembly for my retrofit.

  5. When you turn on your high beams, the lights flick back and forth several times between high and low. Was it like that with your stock lamps, or is that a new feature built into these JDM lights? I like it!

  6. Two questions: 1) JDM means Japanese Delivery Market and the Japanese drive on the right side of the road, so wouldn't the freznel pattern possibly be backwards on these for U.S. roads?  How do you know these were for export to left-hand drive non U.S. market?  2) With the front amber lens now gone from your car, you might want to look into the JDM side marker piece that replaces the front two inch piece of black body molding in front of each door.  I know that BMWs are pre-wired for these with the connector taped to the harness right behind the fender – may be the same on Subies.

  7. My friends jdm head lights. When u turn them on the turning signal and the low beam stays on. When u put high beam the high beam and low beam stays on. How do i do that.? He had a harness from a forum but how could i do it with out the harness

  8. Aren't those lamps technically illegal since Japanese parts aren't DOT approved? Not that anything would really come of it, just a possible hickup for someone down the road.

  9. Thank you very much Eric!  I've been going crazy trying to figure out how to replace my bulbs.  Turns out my mistake was reading the instruction manual.

  10. ha I wired in my 1992 SVX's new stereo in minus 20C weather and didn't use shrink tubes big mistake cause a wire fell apart and I had to do it all over again do to the crazy lack of space

  11. I bought a gt bumper tht has fog lights, how do i hook that up with the headlights like yours? And dudee you should get the hood with the hood scoop your car would look bad ass ha

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