1998 Chrysler Town & Country AC Repair (Part 1) & Headlight Restoration -Fixing it Forward

Here’s another installment of the Fixing it Forward series starring Barbara’s 1998 Chrysler Town & Country. This time I’m looking to solve the issue with the AC system. While the system is being evacuated, I decide to do a little work on the foggy headlights.

A few more things and I believe we’ll have this one wrapped up. I’m looking forward to giving this back to Barbara so she can get back on the road.

Camera: Brian Kast

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35 thoughts on “1998 Chrysler Town & Country AC Repair (Part 1) & Headlight Restoration -Fixing it Forward

  1. I have a 1999 t n c n got into a minor accident n my bumper is messed up (need a new 1) need a new radiator, 1 headlights, might need to straighten out the radiator support..hood closed fine, I hve no clue how much it'll cost to fix all of it ? Pls help…thanx

  2. Hola soy de México apena empecé aber tus vídeos y me parecen muy interesantes no se inglés pero entiendo un poco. Tengo una Voyager 2000 y me gustaría saber cuánto gas le tengo que cargar para el AC. te mandó saludos y mucho éxito como hasta ahora bay….

  3. fast fix —– drive with windows sliding door and tailgate open dont drive on real hot days


  4. I know this is an ancient video now but for headlights try put a UV coating on them even a good clear will keep them looking new for years and will make them almost crystal clear.

  5. I came across a product by Meguiar's® Plastx Cleaner Polish instead of the headlight kit use automotive sand paper 600, wet 1000, 1500 or 2000 then Plastx on a microfiber cloth using the 3M buff pad disc = mint., also the plastx works charms on the clear plastic inside the car like scratches on the cluster or clocks

  6. My stepdaughter has the same van. I wonder if U can get a view of the rear bumpstops & show (If Possible) how to replace them….. Would really hate to junk the van over a set of bumpstops….

  7. Does the compressor have pressure switch? I know you were getting power to the clutch but like to see that pressure switch in more detail. Had to jump a pressure switch on a 98 f150 just to get the compressor to run to take freon. Great channel and thanks for any advice.

  8. Here is a tip, to clean head lights I use wet dry sand paper starting at 400 grit moving up to 2000 grit (400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200,1800, 2000) and I finish with rubbing compound. I do it by hand and takes about 10 minutes and the head lights come out looking brand new. Of course your mileage may vary so try it on something you don't care about first.

  9. Please use the proper refrigerant, this vehicle cam with R-134A, That noise from that clutch gap from the compressor is horrendous

  10. Open the high side gauge first, make sure the low side is shut. Wait for the low side to draw a vacuum and then open the low side gauge.

  11. Just block off the rear AC, Fans and heater functions still work. One more thing, get a Sonic leak detector, It will save ton,

  12. hey eric, just to share with you my method, i did over 35 of headlight restauration and if you want to look like new, not almost, just buy regular sand paper, 400,600,800,1000,1500,2000 and you finish off with some metal polish. they are brand new after that. keep your good work

  13. After hooking up the refrigerant its a good idea to bleed the supply hose at the gauge manifold so the air in the hose doesn't go into your freshly vacuumed systems.

  14. Eric, those tensioners had a faulty design and would wear prematurely and cause all kinds of problems. It wasn't so much the pulley itself that would be the culprit, though it would wear out too (as they all do). The problem lies in the actual pivot of the tensioner arm. It would wear out and sit crooked over time. Yes you can replace just the pulley, but you'd soon start throwing belts, especially when wet like going through puddles etc. You can replace the assembly of course or install the aftermarket problem solver kit Gates manufactures. It changes the belt geometry and uses a different tensioner and belt altogether to combat the issue. It's quite spendy, but well worth it for better piece of mind.

  15. Hey Eric. What brand are those quick connect fittings for your gauge set. I was in the market to buy some and would like to find a good set.

  16. Hey bro. Looking forward to the Meet and greet. Just an FYI on this van. They sell an updated tensioner and belt (I think it is made by goodyear?). The belt will have ribs on both sides and instead of being a smooth tensioner pulley, it is also ribbed. These were notoriously noisy belts, even with a new factory tensioner and belt. Go with the aftermarket set.

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