1998 Ford Contour Blower Motor Replacement Rear Window Replacement AC Diagnosis -Fixing it Forward

It’s a long title, “1998 Ford Contour Blower Motor Replacement Rear Window Replacement AC Diagnosis -Fixing it Forward”, but it pretty much describes what happens in this video.

I was able to replace the blower motor with relative ease in this video. In fact, it’s the easiest blower motor I’ve ever done.

Once I had the blower motor fixed, I turned my attention to the AC operation. This video also demonstrates how to diagnose AC problems using dye and a leak detector.

While the AC system was evacuating I decided to replace the right rear window glass. I knew this would be a challenge as rear window glass often is. Front glass is often no problem, but rear windows often seem to be more involved. That said, I was still able to get the job done.

We’re getting ever closer to returning this car to Jeff. By the time he gets it back, he should have a good running and braking car with working AC!

Previous Video in the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tzU36qmum8

Camera: Brian Kast

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Vampliers: http://www.jbtoolsales.com/vampliers-6-25-screw-extraction-pliers-w-vertical-horizontal-serrations-vt-001#oid=1002_1

HL27 LED Headlight: http://www.jbtoolsales.com/coast-19721-hl27-focusing-led-head-lamp-gift-box#oid=1002_1

AC Leak Detector: http://www.jbtoolsales.com/tif-instruments-xl-1a-ac-refrigerant-leak-detector#oid=1002_1

Silicone Paste: http://www.jbtoolsales.com/3m-08946-silicone-paste-8-oz#oid=1002_1

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42 thoughts on “1998 Ford Contour Blower Motor Replacement Rear Window Replacement AC Diagnosis -Fixing it Forward

  1. Hey Eric fix your GoFundMe page, everytime I try donating it says you need to check your messages or something.. I'll keep trying.. I love the show! What a great idea! Keep it up!

  2. My 2000 seems nicer than that one but has a growing list of problems. Has the same gas smell, it did have a transmission problem, it doesn't start randomly, alternator needs replacing, ac is not acceptable , passenger side front window is slow going up and down(yes power windows), it did accelerate on its own all the time, brake calipers in front stick, back door hinges are rusted, rear light bar doesn't work, jerks when shifting into gear, cruise control cable is severed, runs rich, poor gas mileage, the trunk leaks, leaks power steering fluid and antifreeze, belts squick, handbrake doesn't stay most of the time. Idles really high when started, speedometer moves sometimes when at a standstill, leaks into the front passenger side floorboard, the antitheft system is bugged, and there's afew things not worth mentioning but there is so many things I need fixing that I just gave up. Has 163k miles tho

  3. Hey thanks man you just save me two hours of trying to figure out what the hell all I had to do is Twist thanks for doing what you do and keep up the good work man I appreciate it.

  4. Eric your not only a knowledgeable mechanic, but have a witty sense of humor, i truly enjoy every one of your videos, thanks for keeping us DIY informed.

  5. you installed the springs wrong…
    .just did mine….caliper rubbed on wheel. the spring goes around front of caliper tabs…otherwise it holds nothing! and its a pain! three hands helpful!

  6. Eric, I know this is an older video by now, but I have been re watching the fixing it forward series because I love them so much, and I noticed something I just had to share. If you watch back where you first show us the new piece of glass 13:17, you will see the the glass is already scratched before you tried to put it in. You can also see it at 13:32. The dirt writing on the window just made it hard to see. Thought you might sleep better knowing you didn't do it.

  7. I think your videos are awesome, you work just like me! Quit as a Ford tech after 25 years, Senior Master for 18. Maybe I can find a private shop that will appreciate me?

  8. Hey Eric I was just watching the window segment on the Ford contours the next time you have a door with manual window try a pair of vice grip on the metal window crank

  9. Eric man, good job on the video! Thanks for all the detail. You made my 1998 Ford Contour right rear window a snap! Took a couple hours, but would have taken me the whole day of trial & errors.

  10. Eric do you do your fixing it forward repairs for free or do you pay yourself using the GoFundMe money if so will you post how much you paid yourself per job and the amounts you spent on parts for each project so everyone is sure that their money is being used correctly. Also let the viewers pick thru a pool of candidates rather than you choosing who gets to have their cars fixed. I think it makes for transparency and peace of mind

  11. Hey Eric, I was just curious, what really stands out in your mind as the most awkward job you have ever done as a technician??

  12. Dude, this video just saved me a whole ton of work on my daughter's car. I couldn't figure out how to get the blower motor out and thought I was going to have to take the entire dash apart. Who would've thunk it?!? Just a twist. Amazing. One little side note, there was a tab I had to push in to twist the original motor out, in case someone might need to know. Thank you for the video!!!

  13. Hay Eric. You mentioned if a blower does not operates at all speeds the resistor is bad. Can you tell me where I would find this resistor in my 1996 Astro van?

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