1998 Ford Contour Eliminating Brake Pulsations -Fixing it Forward

Here’s another video in the 1998 Ford Contour Fixing it Forward series. In this episode I work to eliminate the brake pulsation this car had. After sitting for a while, brake rotors can get rusty. As a result, it can create a brake pulsation. As long as there’s enough material in the rotor, you can machine out this pulsation. This is what I do in this video.

I also cover the rear brake adjustment. Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of the adjuster set up I encounter on this vehicle. I’ve seen it on some Mazda’s as well. When it works, it works, when it doesn’t, I think the best thing to do is get it working and try and get the brakes to self adjust either by pulling up on the parking brake, or jamming on the brakes while going in reverse. I do both in this video, and it seems to improve the brake pedal feel considerably.

Previous Video in the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiqTN7o-A5U

Camera: Brian Kast

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22 thoughts on “1998 Ford Contour Eliminating Brake Pulsations -Fixing it Forward

  1. Ford's use of Torx fasteners in this era of their cars was actually pretty limited. Seats and a couple on the engine, an e-torx stud or two as well.

  2. Movie Voice Over Guy: In a world where spiders are displaced from there home. One nice guy who is a humble mechanic will battle for control of a car against the spider colonies supreme ruler. Eric The Car Guy is The Spidernator. Coming to a theater near you.

  3. Hi Eric
    First I am a big fan of your video’s. Jack Henson
    My quest is- Do you have a video on adjusting rear disc brake caliper with E brake. Just watch the “How to Replace Honda Captive Rotors” . I have disc brakes on all four corners of a 53 Ford F 100. Chrysler front and Mercury Monarch 9” on the back. I have replaced the rear pads before, but didn’t to put the slots at 12 noon. Also didn’t know they were adjustable e brake. Someone mentioned it to me. So with that said. Would you please post a video on “How to adjust Ford disc brake Ebrake?”

    Thank you

  4. all that crust on the brake calipers and brackets is triggering my OCD, i would have spent all day cleaning and painting that shit if it was my car. lmao. of course, i keep my truck clean so it never needs that much work.

  5. You should have some sort of cover on top of the rotor when it is machining. The dust particles are gonna ruin your health if you inhale them in big quantities….just a thought 🙂

  6. The quest for the missing brake pedal feel reminds me of the time when I was working on one customer car years back and I hadn't yet tackled with a car with ABS brakes and a completely dry brake fluid system. After bleeding the brakes around a few times and not getting the squishy feeling out from the pedal one older mechanic who was working for me hinted that maybe I should take the car outside and slam the brakes on gravel. Well I did and the pedal was normal. The older mechanic then said that he had the same thing back in his days when working at a GM dealership and couldn't get brake pedal to be normal on one car. Slamming the brakes makes the ABS modulator do it's thing and circulate brake fluid through and thus making the pedal feel normal. He also said that sometimes the brakes need one quick bleeding all around even after this but I was lucky that time. Modern OBD testers have a brake bleed procedure that in conjuction with normal bleeding gets all the air out by opening the small valves and passages inside the ABS modulator and telling you which caliper/cylinder you should bleed next.

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