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This video shows how to replace the cabin air filter in Toyota Corolla’s from 200-2006. Some of the material in this video will apply to other Toyota vehicles.

This video will also apply to many Toyota models of the same vintage. It’s a simple process and doesn’t require a lot of tools. It can also save you a great deal of money replacing this maintenance item yourself. Not to mention it will help keep the air inside your vehicle free from contaminants.

The average replacement interval is every 15K, sometimes as low as 10K based on the air quality where the vehicle is being used.

Camera: Brian Kast

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49 thoughts on “2000-2006 Toyota Corolla Cabin Air Filter Replacement -EricTheCarGuy

  1. Thanks for the videos EricTheCarGuy. I'm troubleshooting heater core problem. I've done the reverse flush to where clean water flows both ways. Still the inlet pipe (inside cabin) is hot, outlet is cool. I think that indicates core problem. I took out the cabin air filter (forgot to check that earlier. I was actually getting decent airflow) and it was filthy with years of debris. I put a clean one in, still lukewarm heat. Gave me a thought…Could the heater core fins be dirty, too, causing low heat? Is it possible to vacuum the heater core from the air filter access?

    I haven't changed thermostat. Hard to get to, but when engine is warm, seems it does open up and suck in coolant. Also, the inlet to the heater core is hot.
    I've done coolant flush.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. This is not correct. I have a corolla 2001 S model and when i removed the glove box there is noting to remove like that door with tabs in this video.

  3. Thanks! You've just given a 68 year old woman the courage to change the filter herself! Good for the car, good for self confidence.

  4. Awesome! Thank you. I can’t believe how dirty mine was, especially with the serious smoke in Seattle right now. Much appreciated!

  5. I see some guys say make sure the arrows point down and some say up on the same years and makes how do you tell…yes this might be a dumb question to some but I dont know much about cars and im trying to.learn

  6. Fellows… look at that simple job and figure what a car garage will have to charge to make money on it ! You can buy a new filter and install it yourself in 5 minutes! And Eric gives you this and all those other vids FREE ! Subscribe to him and 1 small job you do yourself can save you hundreds of dollars!

  7. How am I just discovering Eric now? He's awesome! Thank you so much! I bought my 2006 last January w/ only 54,000mi & only 1 owner who didn't drive much for only $5500! What a steal. Car is mint! But time to change cabin air filter but time. Unfortunately car did not come w/ an important thing called a manual & I'm so NOT auto inclined. Even my dad doesn't know much about Toyotas. So thank you Eric great video, content, & you actually speak clear English & made it so a dummy could do this.

  8. Silly question as I can't find the answer anywhere…

    I have a Toyota Camry altise 2004. So I did as the video shows…however it has no side clips to press on. It's just plastic with screws connected to the circular plastic thing below (sorry not familiar with the terminology).

    I tried feeling from an opening above..and I don't feel there is a filter in there.

    Do some models not have a filter?

  9. Hey Eric where's the intake on those cabin filters I was looking over my car and pulled a birds nest out dam mice maybe that why my radio started going on and off for the past week the reason I looking over the car in the first place any help from the YouTube community would be great thanks off to pull the radio out

  10. I had not seen your video before I replace the filter. Now I need to go back and put it in with the arrow down.  I have to say that your video is so precise and easy to understand compared to other videos I saw. THANK YOU!

  11. My 2000 Toyota Corolla wagon 1.6 has the cabin filter access panel below the glovebox, it's so far underneath you have to pull the carpet back a bit to drag out the three section part filter (there was so much crud in it, you could tell it had never been changed in 15 years!, only way to do it really is kneeling outside. It was a bit fiddley, but nothing too bad, I wish it was as simple as other models of Corolla and be behind the glovebox!

  12. Uh oh Eric's production value is movin' up. He's got a backdrop curtain. It felt a bit more tidy. Me no likey. But I'll still let the ads run through.

  13. Nog I know how to replace my '03 Corolla airfilter. It's always dirty verry quickly, because I live in a place where there are a lot of trees. Thans!

  14. Do you know if the weatherstip/seal around the glass part of the sunroof on a 2004 corolla is replaceable and how to go about doing it ? Mine leaks into my car both drains drain properly the water leaks towards the back corners and gets around the sunroof and onto my ceiling

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