2001 Integra GSR Gets Upgraded (Timelapse)

I gave this car to my son earlier this year (2023). He wanted to do some upgrades so that he could autocross as well as daily drive the car. Below is a list of the work I did in the video along with parts links. I’m also including more detailed repair video links if you want to learn more about working on these cars.

I’m also considering posting another version of this video with commentary about the work that was done. If you have interest in this, please let me know in the comments.

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Work done in this video

New clutch, limited slip differential, new clutch hydraulics, JDI push button start, JDI main relay conversion with kill switch, timing belt and water pump with drive belts, cam seals, crank seal, rear main seal, oil pan gasket, VTEC gasket, distributor ‘o’ ring, thermostat and gasket, valve adjustment, plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, valve cover recondition with new seals and grommets, Type R lower air box conversion for cold air intake, Skunk2 Alpha header and Tanabe Medallion exhaust swapped from my ITR, Progress rear stabilizer bar and brace, left outer CV boot, new tail light gaskets, and tire rotation.


JDI Push Button Start: https://www.jordandistributors.com/collections/electronics/products/ghostkey-plug-and-play-push-to-start-conversion-kit

JDI Main Relay Upgrade and Kill Switch: https://www.jordandistributors.com/collections/main-relay-conversion-with-kill-switch/products/main-relay-conversion-with-kill-switch

Clutch (Exedy): https://www.partsgeek.com/ss/?ssq=2001+Acura+Integra+Clutch+Kit

Limited Slip: https://jhpusa.com/products/mfactory-helical-limited-slip-differential-honda-acura?variant=40336066964

Rear Stabilizer Bar: https://www.progressauto.com/product/sway-bar-kits/acura/integra/62.1041-94-01-integra-incl-gsr-rear-anti-sway-bar-brace-and-end-links

Skunk2 Alpha Header: https://skunk2.com/412-05-1902.html

Revel Medallion cat back exhaust: https://throtl.com/products/revel-medallion-touring-s-catback-exhaust-94-99-acura-in-t70002r

Gaskets, belts, tune up parts, and seals were Honda parts.

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