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Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPvYE7fM-Os&feature=youtu.be

Here is Part 2 of the 2002 Chevy Cavalier Power Steering Rack Replacement. This video covers the installation as well as some general tips for installing a power steering rack. In the case of this vehicle the power steering rack was damaged in a minor collision. I’ll put a link to that video which covers the inspection of the power steering rack where I determined it was damaged. Otherwise symptoms of a bad power steering rack include, noise, hard steering, and sometimes looseness in the steering. Be sure to take the vehicle for an alignment when you’re done or else you might experience abnormal tire wear.

Here are the video links referred to in the video.

Collision Inspection: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSWdf_7HcqI&feature=youtu.be

Removing Rusty Fasteners: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqNcBkLvptg

Lubing the Chassis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bB2RiRKDQ9k

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35 thoughts on “2002 Cavalier Power Steering Rack Replacement (Part 2) -EricTheCarGuy

  1. Eric, I see you used a long bar and hammer to connect the intermediate shaft of the steering column onto the shaft of the steering rack. On my chevy venture, I can't do that because everything is under the dash and hard to get at. What do you suggest?

  2. Very helpful. The "General" doesn't make this easy I guess. Thank you. Doing an Impala with a heat shield. Take that off and stabilizer and lower subframe. The 18mm's are brutal, and u-joint not fun, similar to this.

  3. I watched this to prepare to do the Rack and Pinion on my 05 Cavalier, just wanted to confirm everything is in the same place on an '05 as well. The only thing different is the Power Steering Fluid Reservoir is located on the driver side of the engine bay. I really appreciate you being so knowledgeable and giving a thorough explanation of the process.

  4. This was a great help tackling my sons 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. The only real problem we ran across was that the hydraulic lines would not loosen, so we had to pull the rack with the lines still on it. Once out they wanted to round off, then remembering what Eric did with the air chisel. Put the air chisel on the nut two short raps and they were loose. Four hours fighting the damn thing out, but only took two and a half hours putting it all back together and no leaks! Yeaaaa. Thanks for the video…

  5. Thanks Eric for the videos. Just changed my girlfriends rack on a 2007 ford edge and I had to do it just like u showed in this video. It took me about 7hrs but because of the video I was able to do it. Thanks

  6. Wanna start with a very big GRACIAS Eric, I like to try and do things on my own and have been very successful do to your videos. But I too must say that your tutorials are very clean straight forwards and to the point. Thanks Once again and now its my turn to go for the prize.

  7. Thanks for your video. My son's rack failed while driving 74 MPH on the Interstate, shearing off 3 of the 5 lugs (coulda lost the wheel). Repair shops wanted $1600 to repair.
    Your video gave me confidence to try replacing the rack. It was a struggle, took a lot of time; but, I got it done. And . . . I got really dirty. Thanks for you help.

  8. I'm surprised there aren't splines on the power steering module (or what it's supposed to be called) where the u-joint of the steering linkage connects. I just assumed there would be.

  9. Your job sucks! Greater respect for a mechanic now. My fear, when I dare to venture into simple maintenance and replacement is the organizing and tracking of which bolt goes where.

    Kudos to all mechanics out there.

  10. My biggest hesitation and fear of doing jobs like this is getting it 90% apart and then having one or two bolts, like on the sub-frame, that won't come off due to rust or that break.

  11. Ok, the video was a great help and guide, One thing no body mentions in videos is that if you slightly turn the steering wheel back and forth and hear a little clunking sound,besides the tie rods,it can also be a worn out rack as well and the next thing,I took a good steering rack off of a used car at a junk yard,I should say, took me hours cause of the damn power steering lines,trying to get them off the rack I got one loose ,and one was stripped a little,I did a alternative, you can also follow the hoses up and unhook them from the power steering resovoir,feed them down thru and pull them out with the rack,a bit easier I think 🙂

  12. Re- reading my last comment and should point out that I meant greasing NEW parts and cleaning and greasing old parts before re-assembly* when doing any suspension work. Eric! Comment back or mention me in a video!

  13. ETCG! I love your videos and very rarley disagree with your work. Ive learned so very much from you. I only have one suggestion. Coming from a tech that has done a few alignments, you should always grease the tie rods. More specifically the outer threads of the inner tie rod. Silicon paste or even that axle grease will be just fine. Trans` fluid might work just as well but I cant say, because I have never tried it. But to me it seems like grease is a bit thicker and maybe holds on better? Idk but thats what I have always used. Maybe the two are equal. Maybe ill try your way next time. Either way hopefully the next tech to do the alignment doesnt have to pull out the blue tip, or (big red wrench) 🙂 love what you are doing man! Keep up the good work. Sincery, novice tech

  14. Wooo…you look tired mate….that is our life…but full of joy…satisfaction…only real mechanic knows how to feel it.

  15. Ok. Assuming a 2004 has the same setup you can save yourself hours off this video. Do not take anything apart up top.Undo the tie rod ends as shown. Take the steering shaft off first as shown. Then take out all the frame bolts as shown. The frame can drop down about 8 inches and you will have tons of room to get to the hoses and rack bolts.. You can just lift the rack out from the back since there is so much room. When lifting the frame back make sure to hand start all bolts first to make sure you are aligned.

  16. I got a 2004 Bi-Fuel Cavalier. Only have it for the CNG use so I accept the issues with a "basic" cheap GM car issues – still cheaper to fix than to buy new. So yesterday, I get PS fluid leaking out onto exhaust (2.2 EcoTech engine) pipe when turning – lots of smoke. Will be looking for the actual cause (I think it is the rack, since no leaking driving straight, but might be some other line or even the pump) BUT this video gives me some GREAT knowledge now to diagnose and options on fixing. THANKS

  17. If you didn't want to fight the spring bolts you could always spray silicone and pull those rubber J-hook things on the muffler and drop the entire tailpipe.

  18. Eric u got the torque specifications for the power rack im workin on a 95 cavalier two bolts tht screw on to the subframe.can u help please

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