2003 Nissan 2.5L Water Pump Replacement -Fixing it Forward

In many ways you could call this Part 3 of the Nissan Timing Chain Series. Here’s a link to those 2 videos to get you caught up.

Nissan 2.5L Timing Chain Replacement (Part 1): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNqwwmWo-jI

Nissan 2.5L Timing Chain Replacement (Part 2): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-SDoimGGIs

Just for the heck of it, here’s a link to the Full/Extended Version of the Timing Chain Replacement Video: http://www.ericthecarguy.com/premium-content-web/13-premium-content-videos/1500-nissan-2-5l-timing-chain-replacement-full-extended-version-fixing-it-forward

So in this episode we not only replace the water pump, but also the valve cover. As you’ll see in the video, things don’t quite go as planned. So please watch the entire video before you start firing off comments. You might end up looking like an idiot if you don’t.

This video also has an extended version with 5 extra minutes of footage: http://www.ericthecarguy.com/exclusive-videos/73-exclusive-videos/1510-2003-nissan-2-5l-water-pump-replacement-fixing-it-forward-extended-exclusive-video

First video in this series: Jerry Hall’s 2003 Nissan Sentra SE-R Fixing it Forward Project -Fixing it Forward: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2XDBXSEvYI

Camera: Brian Kast

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If you’re not familiar with the Fixing it Forward series, here’s the introduction video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfBnTwpEBu0

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46 thoughts on “2003 Nissan 2.5L Water Pump Replacement -Fixing it Forward

  1. No "Days of Our Life" drama mechanic, filming excellent, editing excellent, mechanic excellent all well done and easy to learn thanks very much.

  2. Hey man I’ve watched a lot of your videos. And I keep wondering what brand are your sockets you’re using in this video and a lot of other videos on your hand tools. They seem to be impact sockets but I’m not sure not looking at them in person. They seem to be great because you use them on every fastener.

  3. Awesome videos Eric, i watched all three. The timming chain replacement and waterpump. Great job on narration and camera/editing. I like that you leave in your little mistakes and show the troubleshooting through it. It gives us newbies hope. I drive a 2005 nissan altima and really want to do this timming and gasket replacement. I'm tempted too do this, i really need a hoist. You're awesome man.

  4. What happened to nissan I remember hearing recommendations to buy Nissan's when I was a kid alongabout cars to but when I'm older now I all I ever hear is how garbage they are as of late but I still want a 370z lol

  5. Nissan stil stresses me out. I like them but the maintenance is so random lol great job Eric 🙂 ( I still love coming back to this video)

  6. One bush mechanic alright this Eric bloke.. haha electrical tape sealant.. and he could even find the right size bolt instead of putting back that washer loaded bolt on to that brand new cover.. he can’t afford a torque wrench.. and that clanking sound don’t sound like he fixed any thing.. and leaving part out and don’t know where they belong… haha 😂 on bloody bush mechanic, if you can’t do a good job don’t post on YouTube you’re just showing us how useless you really are…

  7. Before you even put that aftermarket one on I was like you should always go oem with nissan I use to have issues with aftermarket coil packs as soon as I bought the oem ones boom purring like a kitten. You do great work but I would of never put that aftermarket timing kit on either!

  8. please please do bolts by hand at first if it will not go in it's not good look at the bolt if it's clean then its not strait in do not ever crossthred it in because of trouble in the future with leaks. I also Think the alternator bolt needs washers and the dude that installed it did not do that. Erik youre not supposed to have parts left after installing everything exept that part even if it's not that important you think. what if it is something from the timing chain or oil pan?? Also mixing oils can be done as long as it's the same wheigt.

  9. You didn't had to take it off, you just had to keep turning the bold and the bolt itself was going to bring that washer or water it is close to the pump bracket and it was going to tight itself

  10. This video helped me. A swivel ratchet was definitely a must! The process was very similar for the Altima that has the same size engine. Thank you Eric!

  11. "The power of vice compels you" I love that man. Sometimes I just listen to your videos, especially your etcg1 videos
    Edit: "I'm making electricity. It's shocking" that's stuff keeps me comin back my friend haha

  12. What would that sort of repair cost without your contributions ? How many hours off tape did you spend to reach the end point before sweet sounding engine was attained ? Great job !

  13. i rather concentrate and pay the extra dollar or two for 50/50 pay extra for the water in the 50/50 an i'm from the north and like to give the customer the extra strength

  14. Agreed, sometimes OEM is the way to go. Just like rear main seals on most cars. Once I R&R'd a trans because of a non oem rear main. Once.

  15. My pump is leaking out of the weep hole. Think I could get away with just a gasket or is there internal seal damage? 2000 Altima with 156k miles. Thanks for all your videos!

  16. On the next FIF you should trash the original car and help fix a used one. I've never seen so many cars that weren't worth the time and money. I guess that's why the show is so great! You got stuck with three of the ugliest dance partners in the county and didn't flinch! You're a great man and much appreciated.

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