2004 Honda Element/CRV Thermostat Replacement

This video is a complete guide to replacing the thermostat on your Honda Element or CRV with a K series engine. Space is limited and it can be difficult to access the part. Rust can also be a factor.

I cover how to handle both of these issues for a successful thermostat replacement on this engine. This information will also apply to other Honda vehicles with the K series engine.

Also, if you get a PO128 or P1486 code, you might need to perform this procedure to repair the problem.

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Camera: Brian Kast

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21 thoughts on “2004 Honda Element/CRV Thermostat Replacement

  1. I’m having trouble getting the bolts out of the housing, they spin and aren’t stripped but won’t come out even a little! What do I do??

  2. Hey i have a question i have a 04 element just replaced my radiator cause of leak on left side right of reservoir everything back together leaking in the same spot

  3. Eric… watch all the time. We have the identical car. That being said, I live in South Florida so I always know whatever job you do will be twice as hard as mine because I don't have all that rust…. thank god.

  4. Dude I'm so glad we have the same car. I bought my element for 500 bucks and thanx to your videos and 1,000 in parts I have a perfectly running element thanx 2 you. Your the man Eric the car dude! Love my element!

  5. The wire Honda attached to the thermostat housing is connected to the alternator. It's the stupidest thing to connect it to because if you remove the lower radiator hose you can get to the bottom two bolts easy. If you removed the power steering pump you can see the back of the tab for the cable. It's better to just cut the thing and install a new one or just zip tie it back if you don't want to spend the money putting the original clip back in emergency situations.

  6. I'm not sure if this will get answered but i have a 2003 honda crv and it looks like i have a small collent leak at the thermaste housing is this something that happens or might it be something else

  7. If you have an aircompressor the air evac method is the best way to fill and not get air bubbles, also to check for leaks (if you loose vacuum)

  8. Also can someone tell me if the oem element Thermostat has some sore on brand or writing on it mines only have on the side PAA-GF4 just want to see it this is aftermarket or oem tnks

  9. Hey I just this to my 04 element but 3-5 mins in after starting the engine it bubble I had only pour 1 gallon tho and I did see some white smoke came out, the top radiator horde was extremely hot and kinda feel hard when I press on it to purge the bubble is that all normal

  10. It's a damn shame these front wheel drive manufactures don't take a page from Triumph Spitfire With the Fenders and hood being all one assembly and raising up so you can gain access to the motor…or Buick …where the thermostat is mount on the radiator!!!

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