2005 Honda Odyssey (Episode 4) Fixing it Forward

In this episode of Fixing it Forward I wrap up the majority of the mechanical work on the 2005 Honda Odyssey. The work in this episode includes: I finally turn off the check engine light, clean the AC condenser, mount and balance 4 new tires, remount the front bumper skin, replace the rear lower control arms, cam bolts, and coil springs, replace the PCV valve, install the new air intake tube, install a new catalytic converter, and it gets new wiper blades.

That work pretty much wraps up the mechanical work I had planned for this van. In the next episode I plan to turn my attention to the body and interior. Once that’s done, it’s time to give this van away to someone in need.

Link to (Episode 3): https://youtu.be/9Od9_K45N5w

Link to (Episode 5): Link posted when available.

ETCG1 Video about the return of Fixing it Forward (Donations): https://youtu.be/zGxrRsgnuK0

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Bumper Mount R: 71193-SHJ-A00

Bumper Mount L: 71198-SHJ-A00

Nokian Tires One: https://www.nokiantires.com/all-season-tires/nokian-tyres-one/

Catalytic Converter: https://shop.exhaustdistribution.com/2005-2010-honda-odyssey-v6-3-5l-catalytic-converter-50162b/

PCV Valve: 17130-RCA-A02

L Rear Control Arm: 52360-SJH-A00

R Rear Control Arm: 52350-SHJ-A00

Rear Coil Springs: 52441-SHJ-A41

Rear Adjuster Bolt Kit: 06520-SHJ-C00

Denso O2 Sensors: 234-5010

Air Tube: 17228-RGL-A00

L Wiper Blade: 76620-SHJ-A01

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R Wiper Blade: 76630-SHJ-A01

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44 thoughts on “2005 Honda Odyssey (Episode 4) Fixing it Forward

  1. Eric, just some constructive criticism here…sorry but that is incorrect about Honda having no interval for valve adjustment. Whether you do it or not is totally up to you but there IS an interval for valve adjustment specified by Honda. Per Honda Valves are to be "inspected" at 105K miles and "otherwise only if noisy." So, yes, you adjust them if noisy but the interval for inspection is 105k miles, along with timing belt and spark plugs. It's specified right in Alldata and it's specified in the owner's manual. The owners manual, in the maintenance minder table, says to inspect them at 105K miles and then has a note at the bottom to adjust them at other maintenance minder items only if noisy. You're partially correct. You are a Honda expert and people listen to you as such. All that said, I've never seen one really needing it at 105K miles but by 140-150k, most of them need it. Exhaust valves tend to tighten up and intakes tend to loosen up. Tight valves can turn into burnt valves if left too long.

  2. Eric, 1) you talked about valve adjustment, and why you didn't do it. How do I know when the valves are too loud, when I'm not a mechanic? 2) Thanks for showing part #s! 3) And thanks for links to tools and other videos!! Great series!!

  3. I know you love Honda wipers. They are good no doubt. But you should give PIAA silicone wipers a chance. Might change your mind on aftermarket wipers.

  4. I got super lucky for my Tucson I needed a new 02 sensor and factory oem was over $200 bucks got a no name brand one for $10 on eBay and it worked for me

  5. Eric! You’re that dude! I’m trying to figure out the part numbers for transmission fluid and power steering fluid for my 94’ Honda prelude. Can you help?

  6. hello Eric, i cannot help but share that O2 sensors have an thin zirconia ceramic wire inside. And is very sensitive to impact. Probably a new sensor that was mishandled is the chief suspect why it did not work out of the box.

  7. WAKE UP!! NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE. (Where does ecu D1 pin attach to?? On a 92 Accord ex coupe. Diagram said VBU – voltage back up. Where is that located at on the car please

  8. Looking forward to your Christmas Album Eric!
    19:33 "why couldn't they make the inner bolts out of this stuff?" They could have, but an efficiency engineer (see also bean counter) noted that bolts closer to the center of the car don't corrode as quickly as those near the outside of the car, and they could save $0.05 per bolt, @ 2 per unit, with ~135,000 units being produced, results in a manufacturing cost savings of $13,500 per year for just those bolts. Several similar decisions are made to reduce the manufacturing cost so the product can be competitive.
    Great series, my wife an I are contemplating a minivan, leaning towards a Sienna V6 AWD, so prior gen

  9. I just discovered what is ALWAYS missing from your videos: cursing. It is nice to set your channel on in the background while working and learning from your experience without having to be concerned about the constant dropping of F-bombs like other channels.

  10. Hey Eric, i hope you answer this, cause google was no help!! Is there a place to get genuine parts for nissan, toyota, Honda…etc all the Japanese automotive manufacturers other than the dealer? Like buy direct from Japan.

  11. Ok I have to make a "friendly" critique. You run an automotive channel. Why wouldn't you just learn the correct diagnostic approach to test the sensors and the wiring circuit? Just saying.

  12. I have an 08 Odyssey; I don't like how small the oil filter is for this van but I didn't engineer the engine; I REALLY don't like that the oil drains over the suspension member. Also my PCV is on the top of the engine though I also have VCM on mine. I keep these videos for if/when i need to do work on my Odyssey, they'll be a handy guide at the very least.

  13. hey Etcg, I have an 06 accord 2.4 and im experience a strange noise from what sounds like my front drivers side wheel… the sound is only present when i press on the accelerator. and really is only audible once you get up to 50 mph. and just gets louder from there, but say im going like 75mph and let off the gas the sound vanishes. i dont have any play on any of the wheels. my first instinct was a tire out of balance, so i had them balanced and rotated with the newer set of tires going to the back( 3 months old) this actually made it louder. the sound isnt a steadily increasing roar like what ive had bad bearing sound like. instead its more like a helicopterish whoom whoom whoom whoom… in general the car feels kind of floaty suspension wise almost like its a windy day. suspension stuff is prob my weakest area of troubleshooting… im guessing im prob due for sway bar bushings all around ( i have 180k miles and i bought it at 32k mostly highway miles) but i dont think thats my main issue. Id appreciate any input you or anyone else might have before i throw parts at it or worse take it in somewhere

  14. My side spacers aren't broken but they don't hold the bumper, would it be the bumper itself or should I go ahead and replace them?

  15. hi Eric
    i want to translate your videos to my language which is Kurdish and not provided on Youtube or Internet, my Goal is to help a lot of people who don't speak EN…. i want to do it with my own voice , i could not reach your site, maybe not supported in Iraqi Kurdistan. i'm waiting for your answer. i want your permission.

  16. Hi Eric, I have a 2016 Nissan Versa. The car idles ok, but it will sometimes stall at stop or stall when I put the car in gear. There's no check engine light that comes on. When it stalls, I restart the car, put in gear. As the car wants to die, I'll put 1 foot on the brake and the other on gas and slightly rev up the car. That seems to remedy the car for a while. Again, the car idles ok, no check engine light on and the car stalls when I come to a stop. What can be the cause?

  17. Can you make a video explaining how gears work and why you must use the clutch? Unless you've already made a video on it then in that case can you send a link?

  18. Can I get you to do my 06 Honda? Rear Suspension, door rollers, front bumper clips, and figure out what is making that noise when I make a hard left turn and a parasitic power drain.

  19. Valve adjustment is very important on that engine. The valves never make noise when they need to be adjusted. The valve clearance gets TIGHT as the valves wear, not loose. With a cold engine, put a vacuum gauge on the engine and start it. If vacuum is low, (13-14 in.hg) and increases (to 18 in.hg as an example) as the engine warms up , it needs a valve adjustment.

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